Technical Benefits

Provide an overall, standardized means of (discovery, deployment and administration and programmatic access) based on UDDI. WSDL, SOAP


It has enhanced quality of service levels to support large-scale Web OLTP traffic (scalability, availability, integrity and manageability),


Secure and High volume transaction processing capability


Allow access via multiple methods (request/reply, messaging and publish/subscribe),


Allow non-intrusive maintenance and upgrade,

Business Benefits

Integrating "islands of automation"


K2 Platform is the only platform that bridges CORBA/CCM, J2EE/EJB, and SOAP/UDDI seamlessly.

Investment Protection


K2 is build on Open Standards such as CORBA/CCM, XML, EJB, SOAP, IIOP, WML


Commercially available Technical Support through SIs, ISVs , ASPs and OEMs

Faster Time to Deliver Solutions


Reducing number of interfaces


Reducing time in developing/integrating interfaces


Using the component technology of CORBA, enterprise can build complex systems faster than many packaged applications

ROI (Return on Investment)


Ability to deploy new customer-facing and revenue-producing applications from existing legacy systems in three months


Cost of Ownership reduces by 40%


Improving the bottom line

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