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Today companies and their IT department have to respond to the continuous changes in the stipulated time frame otherwise there is a risk being loosing their current competitive edge. In addition to the changes in the economy and the constantly changing technology needs, initiatives using only internal staff often fall short of meeting the aggressive goals set by the company. iCMG helps its partners in strategically acquiring skills and cost-effectively managing available resources.

To acquire professionals with the strategic skills and experience needed in a timely and cost-effective manner,
Many Chief Architects, CIOs, CTOs, MIS directors, and technical managers  turn to iCMG for quality Architects professionals.
iCMG affords companies the ability to quickly respond to architecture initiatives
Why Architects from iCMG? - 5 good reasons
Engagement Model – Architecture Team Enhancement

We can help in augmenting your current team with architecture capabilties. You can select from over 25 different architecture roles. We typically augment architects for minimum of 3 months.


Pricing Models
Fixed Time, Fixed Price Model
A low risk proposition you can choose when the scope & specifications are clear.
iCMG execution process ensures reliability, predictability & optimized performance of the project to deliver on time, on budget, on target.
Time & Material Price Model Using this model, iCMG will depute a architect team along with Chief Architect (in case of execution is with iCMG).
Client can pay by the month depending on size & composition of the team.
Most of onsite services (unless it is part of fixed price project) are delivered using this pricing model.
iCMG can bid for partial phases on fixed price & remaining phases on T & M bases in case situation demands.
Milestone Based Pricing Model For the clients who are concerned about progress in remote projects, milestone based payment schedule reinforce the progress monitoring.
It helps justify payment based on achievable milestones & visible progress reduces risks.
Retainer Pricing Model Designed to meet the needs of those clients those who have daily or weekly architecture needs.
This model ensures that dedicated team works as an extension of client’s staff in our centre.
Theses resources act as extension to existing IT department. The benefit of this model are extensive scalabilities & cost/time efficiencies.
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