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In recent years, distributed component technology has become the most important strategic technology for medium to large businesses worldwide. However, commercial product innovation is outpacing people's ability to keep up-to-date, to understand, and to use the technologies competitively. These critical problems are becoming growth-inhibitors for many medium to large companies. iCMG can provide customized learning solutions to meet your needs. iCMG offers customized learning solutions to individuals, corporations, and educational institutions.

Corporate eLearning with CES (Just in Time Training)

Component Education Server (CES) is a Corporate eLearning tool for enterprises adopting middleware & component infrastructure for their mainstream development efforts.. Whenever your project needs advanced IT knowledge your IT staff can learn from some of the world's top experts. Their learning experience can be seamlessly interleaved between productive on-the-job tasks. Main features of this system includes

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Onsite & Customized Training

iCMG's education service group's role is to catalyze knowledge transfer.For example, to assist in upgrading the skills of both corporate developers and outsourcing organizations. iCMG can best articulate how the technologies supplied by platform vendors, ISV's (Independent Software Vendors), and technology standards groups can be applied in application systems integration projects. iCMG can also be a source of casestudy validation of the capabilities of software product offerings.

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