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Today, we are witnessing the economic downturn unprecedented in recent time. The only way out is to invest in differentiator and innovation at lower cost. With time, systems have become very integral part of enterprise "structure" ensuring better functionality & sustainability. There is growing demand to move away from "gentleman architect" who usually dealt with wealthy clients and concentrated predominantly on visual (user interface) qualities. There is worldwide acceptance of Enterprise / IT Architecture as engineering efforts.

As the complexities of business & systems are increasing (in terms of structural systems, services, and technologies), architecture is becoming more multi-disciplinary. Organization like yours requires a team of specialist professionals to understand complexity and contradiction in IT Architecture and HELP you in managing non-adaptive and dysfunctional systems.

At iCMG, we have been supplying “architecture ideas” to organizations looking for middleware for Air Traffic Control systems as well organizations that needed systems to manage safe passage of ships. We are ready for our next challenge, it could be yours. Call us NOW.

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