Webinar Help & FAQs

How does registration process works? How will I get the information allowing me to access the live webinar?

What is a webinar?
A Webinar is an interactive webcast that combines audio, synchronized slides, polling and Q&A sent over the Internet to provide a complete multimedia communications experience. Webinars allow you to access the LIVE content at your convenience.

Why does iCMG hosts only LIVE webinars?
As of now, all our webinars are LIVE. During the LIVE Webinars, you not only get to hear the speaker live in an interactive setting but also allows you to send questions, chat as well as interact via POLLS.

Later in the year, we plan to provide on-demand Webinars as well which will allow you to view the recorded webinar entirety, including the Q&A session.

How much does it cost to attend the iCMG webinars?
Usually, we host around 9-10 webinars in a month. Nearly, 40% of our webinars are FREE. Other webinars are available as PAY-PER-VIEW (the fee varies from $50 to $99 for each attendee per webinar)

How does registration process works? How will I get the information allowing me to access the live webinar?
STEP I – Register for the webinar ( select the title, date etc.) by filling the online form on “GoToWebinar.com”.
STEP II – On submission of the registration form, you will be redirected to the payment page. You can select the “Single Attendee” or “Multiple Attendee” options.
STEP III – Make the payment through iCMG PayPal account
STEP IV - You will receive an e-mail confirmation from iCMG once you have successfully registered.
STEP V - Access information ( password) will be sent to the e-mail provided when we receive the payment

How do you ensure that only invited attendees can gain access to Webinars? Don’t share your password with others.
All iCMG webinar attendees are required to register before they receive an individual access code that allows them to join the webinar. At iCMG, we manually review and approve registrant access and specify a password. Please don’t share the password sent to you. We will dismiss those unwanted attendee during a session whose name is not listed in the paid list. In case, you have shared your password with someone else, there are GOOD chances that both of you lose the chance to attend the webinar. These measures help us to regulate webinar attendee access.

When do i need to log on to be ready for the webinar?
Please sign in at least 20 minutes prior to the start of the webinar to ensure that your computer is functioning properly the day of the event. We recommend that you test your computer as soon as you register.

What if i registered but, due to scheduling conflicts, was unable to participate in the live webinar?
In case you miss a scheduled webinar, iCMG will credit the points for the next upcoming schedule without additional cost. You can join for the same webinar title in the same month or may like to opt for the other webinar title by paying the difference. Please note that you need to inform about your inability to join the webinar in advance to your iCMG coordinator. This is valid for 30 days from the date of registration.

What is your refund policy for paid webinars?
In case, you didn’t attend any webinar within the next 30 days, you can request for a refund requests in writing by e-mail within 45 days of your registration date. You must state the name of the course, date of purchase and the reason for the refund request. All refund requests will be considered and responded to within seven business days of receipt of request. . Please e-mail Gowri Ganesh gowri@icmgworld.com

There are no refund or webinar exchanges for no-shows or unconditioned PCs or servers.  However, attendee substitutions are welcomed at any time.

I have a question about the software / audio and webinar related that I don ’t see answered here. Where can i find additional information?
Visit https://www2.gotowebinar.com/en_US/

What are the system requirements for attending a Webinar?
To attend a Webinar on a PC, the following is required:

• Internet Explorer® 6.0 or newer, Mozilla® Firefox® 2.0 or newer (JavaScript™ and Java™ enabled)
• Windows® 2000, XP, 2003 Server or Vista
• Cable modem, DSL or better Internet connection
• Minimum of Pentium® class 1GHz CPU with 512 MB of RAM (Recommended) (2 GB of RAM for Windows® Vista)

Participants wishing to connect to audio using VoIP will need a fast Internet connection, a microphone and speakers (a USB headset is recommended).

Is my Web event secure?
iCMG webinars are hosted with “GoToWebinar” (Citrix) is completely private and secure. GoToWebinar uses built-in, always-on security measures to protect user privacy and access to data and computers. It is the only Web event solution that uses end-to-end 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption for all Webinar data, which includes screen images, files, keyboard and mouse input and chat text.

How does GoToWebinar work with firewalls?
When GoToWebinar software is activated on a computer, it initiates one or more outbound, SSL-protected TCP connections with the GoToWebinar service, using ports that are already open in most firewalls and proxies (ports 8200, 443. and/or 80). Whichever connection responds first is used, and the others are dropped. It thus provides a high degree of compatibility with your existing network security.

How do I join a Webinar?
Joining a Webinar on a PC or Mac® computer is easy. Once you receive the webinar email invitation, click the registration link and register for the Webinar. Enter the Webinar password provided to you. You can then join the Webinar at the scheduled time by clicking the “Join a Webinar” button or link in your confirmation email, which will be sent to you after registering and making the payment. You do not need to pre-install any software prior to joining the Webinar.

Another way to join a Webinar is to go to www.joinwebinar.com, type or paste in the Webinar ID provided to you and enter your email address, click “Yes” or “Always” (or “Trust” on a Mac) if prompted to accept the download, and, enter the Webinar password provided to you.

Can I view presentations in full-screen format?
Yes. On the top of the Attendee Control Panel, click the View Menu button and select the Full Screen option. Or, on the Attendee Grab Tab on the side of the control panel you can click the View button to toggle between Full Screen and Window viewing. For an illustrated explanation, consult User Help.

Attendee Viewer and Control Panel

Attendee Control Panel
Attendee Control Panel Grab Tab
Attendee Control Panel Menu Bar
Attendee Viewer Window


What if i need help during the webinar?
Simply click “chat help” and you can communicate directly with technical support to quickly resolve your problem.

Can I ask questions during the live webinar?
Yes, you have the opportunity for interactive participation during the live webinar. Simply type in your question at any time once the presentation begins. Please note that just because the speaker does not answer your question immediately does not mean that it has not been received. He or she might be saving it for the Q&A period or because it is related to an upcoming slide. Every effort will be made to ensure that all questions are answered during the live event, during the Q&A session, or in a personal e-mail after the Webinar.

How do Group Registrations Work?
Case I – Multiple attendees at same location i.e. multiple attendees under a single registration, typically in a conference room using a speaker phone and video projector. 

• If ordering for just yourself, select "Single Attendee."  The majority of attendees will select this option, including attendees at the same organization at different geographical locations or buildings.
• If ordering for a group, select "Multiple Attendees."
• Best discounted pricing occurs when you accurately estimate the minimum number of attendees in advance, at the time of initial order, due to progressive discounting and sliding scale.  When having 6 or more attendees, it pays to forecast this in advance.  All attendees over 10 total come free of charge.

Case II – Multiple attendees at different locations, same organization

Registration Category
Total Fee
Single participant
Multiple participants (login accounts) at same location
    3 to 4 Participants pack  (10% discount)
    5 to 9 Participants pack  (20% discount)
    10 to 15 Participants pack  (30% discount)