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Today, we are witnessing the economic downturn unprecedented in recent time. The only way out is to invest in differentiator and innovation at lower cost. With time, systems have become very integral part of enterprise "structure" ensuring better functionality & sustainability. There is growing demand to move away from "gentleman architect" who usually dealt with wealthy clients and concentrated predominantly on visual (user interface) qualities. There is worldwide acceptance of Enterprise / IT Architecture as engineering efforts.

Webinar consulting provides the expert advice without the need of moving away from your desktop & city. Using the Net meeting / Webinar formats, our experts gets into real-time interaction & discusses with you regarding your problem. They provide you the necessary documents and applications.
Why Webinar Consulting?

There is growing adoption of IT Architecture as the main stream efforts to manage risk & innovation. Unfortunately, the cost of the architecture service related to of Assessments and Consulting is getting higher as there are few good practicing architects world over. Not only that even the cost of overheads (some time 15 – 20%) like travel, boarding and lodging makes it further difficult for organizations to avail architecture services from the experts. iCMG Online Architecture Consulting services have been designed to address this problem.

As the complexities of Business & Systems are increasing (in terms of structural systems, services, and technologies), architecture is becoming more multi-disciplinary. Architecture today usually requires a team of specialist professionals. Hope you will be able to take advantage of these new offerings to use architecture initiatives to reduce system costs and enhance system productivity without worrying about the high consulting bill.

How webinar consulting works?
STEP 1 Register for the webinar consulting topic (select the title), indicate the date (at least 2 timings) by filling the online form. Please note that normally it takes around 7 days to have the online meeting. In case, you need the schedule to be fixed urgently, you need to opt for premium service.
STEP 2 On submission of the registration form, you will be redirected to the payment page. You can select the “Single Attendee” or “Multiple Attendee” options.
STEP 3 Make the payment through iCMG PayPal account
STEP 4 You will receive an e-mail confirmation from iCMG once you have successfully registered.
STEP 5 Access information (password) will be sent to the e-mail provided when we receive the payment. Also, confirming the schedule.
STEP 6 On the scheduled day, our consultant connects with you. This will consist of an interactive webcast that combines audio, synchronized slides, polling and Q&A sent over the Internet to provide a complete multimedia communications experience.


In case, you need the recording of the webinar for your reference, you can opt for the same. Extra charges applicable
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