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  SOA Vision for Enterprise Services SOA Vision for Enterprise Services
Company Name Description
1 Roads and transport
authority, Dubai
The key business objectives behind the initiative were: to deploy 'Integrated Transport Services' solutions, Customer satisfaction and to respond with agility to rapidly changing business requirements.
2 TataSky Limited For Tata Sky, adopting IBM's SOA platform was much easier than others as it was green venture and was fresh investment into technology in which a business is built from scratch, was the first of its kind in India.
3 Ministry of Education,
Singapore Ministry of Education Enterprise Architecture focuses decision making in IT planning and investment on the alignment of IT to business needs and strategies.
4 Fluent Technologies The main initiative of this architecture is to create a backbone in the hosted web based application to provide the secure, flexible asynchronous communication between several components through events.
5 SAP AG The intention of the SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment is to provide a platform to implement applications following the SOA principles.
6 IBM Based on Enterprise Architecture repository management, and Formalization of Business Strategy, define, document, prioritize Transformation Initiatives across Bus and IT, then architect the transformation and control the projects composing the initiative.
7 Reliance Life Insurance
With a vertical and horizontal growth in business, the IT architecture proved unsustainable to manager volumes. Manual process of proposals resulted in longer Turn Around Time, absence on BPMS solution contributed to a cumbersome reconciliation of proposal forms. and increase in rework due to higher error rate.
8 MindView TechSoft Pvt Ltd The requirement we are doing for TransSrv Corporation and we are implementing the Oracle Fusion Middleware solution with enterprise architecture to the organization. The portal will allow users to have access to data from Siebel, Oracle applications along with access to product documentations.
9 Capgemini India Pvt Ltd The Architecture initiative, “SOA Implementation for Manufacturing” is a live customer engagement we have done and are currently involved in the implementation of the same.
10 FLEXIGROUP The Flexigroup Enterprise SoA initiative commenced in April 2008, soon after the appointment of an Enterprise Solutions Architect by the CIO. The initiative started with a small Architecture team consisting of the Enterprise Solutions Architect and 3 senior developers
11 LG Electronics India Pvt.
Primary business drivers behind the practice of Enterprise or IT architecture in our organization is a more agile, powerful, efficient, and cost effective approach to IT that will allow the IT resources to scale on-demand, and at the same time reducing costs significantly.
12 Aircel Limited This SOA based architecture promotes re-use of existing assets (infrastructure and developed components/services) and has also made the enterprise highly flexible for inclusion of new or changing business requirements.
13 Oracle The goal of Oracle AIA is to reduce implementation risk and cost for enterprise application integrations using SOA, adherence of the integrations to the AIA architectural and coding standards is a key aspect of SOA Governance for the customers.
14 Novell Inc Sentinel provides an integrated, automated real time security management and compliance monitoring solution.
15 Subscribe-HR HR and Recruitment platform has been built specifically to benefit HR departments across multiple industries and organizations.
16 Abu Dhabi Judicial
The project is an integration between IT best practices, namely EA, IT Governance, ITSM, software development lifecycle and SOA.