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Company Name Description
1 IIRA Technologies We are working on open source technology from the year 2000, we as a team always want to have a solution which is very secure and economical in the communication domain. We always want to end the per user license scheme of proprietary software organization.
2 National AIDS Control
Council, Kenya
This is an open source project to improve collaboration and document sharing within our organization.
3 Sagarius Software
The reason behind this initiative is that, in India especially in the educational sector, almost all students and staff related data (including examination performance and attendance details) are manually recorded in registers and ledger. We are developing an application which utilises Google spreadsheets as the primary database
4 ITC Infotech India The architecture initiative began in our Java, open source, BPM and EAI technology practice where a strong need for such a group was felt and we believed in the benefits it would offer to the customers.
5 INTEGRITYOne The project seeks to leverage the considerable investment in the Enterprise Data Model (EDM) of a large government agency and make it available as a set of canonical XML components for assembly of information exchange structures for internal and external use.
6 Evolvus Solutions Pvt Ltd Our solution architecture is developed with the intention of addressing needs to improve efficiency of operation both at the smallest scale of operation to the largest.