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  IT Service Management IT Service Management
Company Name Description
1 ConceptWaves Software
We offer our education ERP product “tuningfork” packaged as a “service” to end customers. We work with several education service providers in India and they include Schools, Colleges, Coaching centers, Student Overseas consultants and NGOs
2 Jigits To implement the services Jigits offers, the company has created a patented pending process for business integration. This process in its basic form serves as the framework methodology for any project that Jigits encounters.
3 Tata Motors The primary business driver behind the initiative was the need for a new IT Management Framework that would support TML in its globalization strategy and give it success in its IT reorganization initiative.
4 Tesco HSC This architecture has provided the basic service oriented framework for configuring the Business Process Modeling tool and establishing it as the Management framework for the IT Service management.