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Enterprise & IT Architecture Survey
Enterprise & IT Architecture Survey
Take the SurveyWelcome
Architecting Enterprise Software
I am very pleased to introduce the iCMG Enterprise & IT Architecture Survey.
Architecting Enterprise Software
iCMG along with its partner organizations is conducting this comprehensive survey on the current adoption and maturity in the area of Enterprise & IT Architecture.
Architecting Enterprise Software
Why Enterprise & IT Architecture Survey?
The purpose of this survey is to obtain your opinions to understand how critical is the architecture adoption in solving the enterprise, business and IT issues. As these are still the early years, majority of the organizations are practicing “whatever fits” under the label of “architecture”. Your experience will help us to bring out the
real efforts against the “labels & jargons” which could harm this serious profession.
Architecting Enterprise Software
Quote startAlso, you will receive a copy of this survey report for FREE.Quote end
We need your contribution
The success of the survey depends on your contribution and it is therefore important to be honest in your answers and to provide comments which you feel may be helpful. All individual responses will be kept strictly confidential. The results from the survey will be shared with you and your permission will be asked if we plan to publish your feedback and comments in the final report.
Architecting Enterprise Software
Survey structure
May I invite you and your colleagues to participate in this survey. The survey consists of a number of
questions and will take approximately 30-45 minutes for you to complete. The survey consists of
questions in 7 major categories which include:
Architecting Enterprise Software
  Overview   Enterprise initiatives [4 questions]
  Enterprise architecture [10 questions]   Business process management (BPM) [6 questions]
  Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) & SaaS
   [4 questions]
  Service Management & Governance
   [5 questions ]
  Software Architecture [7 questions ]  Strategy & Planning [ 10 questions ]
  Roles & Responsibilities [ 6 questions ]  IT Investment & Planning [ 8 questions ]

Architecting Enterprise Software
Sample questions
Architecting Enterprise Software

Architecting Enterprise Software
Architecting Enterprise Software
Why you should participate
This is a great way to contribute in shaping the new and emerging discipline of Enterprise & IT Architecture
You can avail 10% discount on the iCMG workshop, valid till July 2012
As a participant in this survey, you will get a copy of this survey report as a complimentary, which otherwise will be available for purchase from iCMG Architecture Store for $1299.

We look forward to your participation in this survey. Thank you in advance for participating and helping in the
growth of Enterprise & IT Architecture profession.

Sunil Dutt Jha
Practicing Architect & CEO, iCMG

Architect Corner

Please note that while answering the survey questions, you can go back to previous pages in the survey and update existing responses until the survey is finished or until you have exited the survey. After the survey is finished, you will be still allowed to re-enter the survey at any time to update your responses. Only one response per computer is allowed.