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Company Name Description
1 Sorouh Real Estate PJSC Sorouh has grown exponentially in the first 2 years of operations. Sorouh has initially implemented Microsoft GP as Financial Application with a few home grown applications for Sales and Payroll.
2 Craftware Ltda. This is a conceptual framework, supported by a method and a tool, used by our company in our enterprise consultancy projects.
3 TataSky Limited For Tata Sky, adopting IBM's SOA platform was much easier than others as it was green venture and was fresh investment into technology in which a business is built from scratch, was the first of its kind in India.
4 Anglo American Skype for Business was released in October 2009 and as such we were an early adopter of that service from Skype, who had until then been purely consumer focused.
5 CEMEX At the beginning of 2008, triggered by a new business Model and because of the Business Application Model for the entire CEMEX, The Application Landscape Reduction and Optimization Costs for IT Office, became the new initiative.
6 Dell International
The Information Architecture practice started gathering momentum in Jan 2009 with the realization of the challenge we had at hand. Today, we have a live Information Inventory accessible via a web interface where users can look up the Name/ Technology/ Function/ Application/ Metadata associated with any data source at Dell.
7 Reliance Globalcom This initiative was launched to achieve a common OSS/BSS platform for the organization to enable business and process level integration of the acquired entities to achieve the vision of a single OSS/BSS platform for Reliance Globalcom.