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  Architecture Governance Architecture Governance
Company Name Description
1 Ministry Of Education,
Singapore Ministry of Education Enterprise Architecture focuses decision making in IT planning and investment on the alignment of IT to business needs and strategies.
2 ING Insurance Central
and Rest of Europe
(abbreviated: ING ICE)
The objective of the initiative is the end-to-end definition, implementation and execution of an Enterprise Architecture strategy that will support the transformation programme for the central and eastern Europe region of ING Insurance.
3 The Strategic Directions
The original purpose of the project was to provide a dedicated facility to accommodate technically intensive IT and communication systems.
4 IBM Based on Enterprise Architecture repository management, and Formalization of Business Strategy, define, document, prioritize Transformation Initiatives across Bus and IT, then architect the transformation and control the projects composing the initiative.
5 Jigits Primary key business driver for this architecture model is to provide guidance for business process optimization and change.
6 Infogain Corp The Architecture and Implementation is complete. We are looking at enhancing and productizing it for marketing this as a product.
7 Dell International
The Information Architecture practice started gathering momentum in Jan 2009 with the realization of the challenge we had at hand. Today, we have a live Information Inventory accessible via a web interface where users can look up the Name/ Technology/ Function/ Application/ Metadata associated with any data source at Dell.
8 Siemens Ltd We struggled to find a structure that we can use to store our architectural documentation.
We created a structure, which is based on a file system, but this can easily be implemented in a content management system.
9 Oracle The goal of Oracle AIA is to reduce implementation risk and cost for enterprise application integrations using SOA, adherence of the integrations to the AIA architectural and coding standards is a key aspect of SOA Governance for the customers.
10 Westminster City Council,
Our Architecture Initiative is centred on the Westminster City Council (WCC) HEAT Map. This is an interactive intranet share point site. The Interactive WCC Heat Map through its RAG status has given visibility on problems and also provided work plans.
11 US Department of
Veterans Affairs
The US Department of Veterans Affairs is a huge enterprise. It’s the second largest Federal agency, with close to 300,000 employees, at hundreds of locations across the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, and even the Philippines.
12 Hitachi Global Storage
Technologies ( Hitachi
Our Enterprise Architecture Office was initiated in the month of May 2009 with a goal of aligning all the IT & Business processes within Hitachi GST globally.
13 Max New York Life
Insurance Co Ltd
The Infrastructure Redesign project enhanced our customer experience as delay in mail delivery and business communication across branches was removed completely and overall it has increased customer satisfaction
14 Evolvus Solutions Pvt Ltd Our solution architecture is developed with the intention of addressing needs to improve efficiency of operation both at the smallest scale of operation to the largest.
15 DSTA The SoS Realisation framework is a whole- of- DSTA approach that was adopted to ensure fit, coherence and consistency across implementation programmes within the defence SoS.