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  Growing business in new territory or new service offering Growing business in new territory or new service offering 17
Company Name Description
1 Anglo American Skype for Business was released in October 2009 and as such we were an early adopter of that service from Skype, who had until then been purely consumer focused.
2 The Strategic Directions
The original purpose of the project was to provide a dedicated facility to accommodate technically intensive IT and communication systems.
3 CEMEX This initiative has begun to collect and validate Applications Portfolio from all Regions; focus on Global Applications which offer global services to the End user.
4 entracity, inc entracity’s “Systems and Processes for Real Time News Aggregation and Publication” have an extensive number of U.S. Patents Pending and enable the timely and widespread distribution and syndication of branded content and media, including visual media, to numerous target platforms.
5 CSS Corp The initial days of investigations in S3 resulted in desktop back-up solution in Cloud named CSS CloudBuddy Personal. On extending CSS CloudBuddy Personal with MS Office plug-in users are able to archive their mails from MS Outlook to Cloud.
6 Absa (Africa) The primary business drivers behind the IT Architecture practice with Absa Africa are: To enable a more structured approach to aligning business and IT goals, Identify areas of synergy across the IT landscape and Identify opportunities achieving economies of scale with current and future IT investments.
7 Avotus Corporation In Telecome Industry most of the organizations uses Buffer Boxes to store call records over a period before they get pulled into a call accounting application for processing. Our application named VBuffer is aimed to replace the functionality of the physical buffer box with the combination of a Program and a PC.
8 Tech Mahindra Ltd The service has helped the client retain customers, and reduce customer/subscriber churn dramatically.
9 Symantec Software Symantec OpsCenter is a Web-based software integration framework that helps organizations by providing visibility into their data protection environment.
10 HICARE RESEARCH Srl Touch BI™, Touch Business Intelligence™: these are the new brands of the innovating Italian Software house. Hicare bet on the new Touch BITM software for data analysis, that utterly simplifies the end user access to information.
11 Jigits Primary key business driver for this architecture model is to provide guidance for business process optimization and change.
12 MindView TechSoft Pvt Ltd The requirement we are doing for TransSrv Corporation and we are implementing the Oracle Fusion Middleware solution with enterprise architecture to the organization. The portal will allow users to have access to data from Siebel, Oracle applications along with access to product documentations.
13 Aircel Limited This SOA based architecture promotes re-use of existing assets (infrastructure and developed components/services) and has also made the enterprise highly flexible for inclusion of new or changing business requirements.
14 HodgePodge Solutions Inc The internet driven architectural concept of HodgePodge solutions will be to enable the buying and selling of ERP 3rd party software applications at wholesale prices while following a true
E-Procurement model.
15 MTS India (Sistema
Shyam Teleservices Ltd.)
The primary business driver behind the Enterprise and IT Architecture at MTS is alignment to business requirements and market drivers to ensure that MTS IT can stay on top of the highly dynamic market place.
16 Reliance Tech Services The Enterprise Architecture at Reliance is structured around the best practices of conceptualization, analysis, design and creation of service oriented assets.
17 Evolvus Solutions Pvt Ltd Our solution architecture is developed with the intention of addressing needs to improve efficiency of operation both at the smallest scale of operation to the largest.