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Company Name Description
1 Sorouh Real Estate PJSC Sorouh has grown exponentially in the first 2 years of operations. Sorouh has initially implemented Microsoft GP as Financial Application with a few home grown applications for Sales and Payroll.
2 ConceptWaves Software
This is not a conventional approach to building software, but given that the price points are low when you cater to the Indian market, we could not afford to support multiple revisions for each of our customers.
3 Energy Market Company
Pvt Ltd
This approach was proven to be succesful as it achieved a lot of benefits. A project schedule was planned out to ensure that the plan is communicated clearly to every stakeholder and proper monitoring of the project can be ensured.
4 Sagarius Software
The reason behind this initiative is that, in India especially in the educational sector, almost all students and staff related data (including examination performance and attendance details) are manually recorded in registers and ledger. We are developing an application which utilises Google spreadsheets as the primary database.