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There is worldwide acceptance of Enterprise / IT Architecture as an emerging engineering discipline. It's both urgent and critical to ensure timely solution of the architecture issues. You will agree that delay in resolving architecture disputes could have far reaching impact on your project, systems and enterprise success. "Ask the Architects" is a new architecture service from iCMG for your prompt and "on-demand" architecture need.

Though the dependency on architect is increasing, the cost of architecture service is getting higher. The key reason being there are few good practicing architect world over. With "Ask the Architects", you could ask practicing architects at an affordable price. Needless to say, this will provide you with the timely advice without the need of moving away from your desktop.

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Buy $390 / 3 queries
Buy $390 for 3 queries

Timely response
This service will guarantee a response from an expert within 24 hours
Information safety
Here, it's your information is secured unlike public forums
Access over web / mobile interface without moving from your desktop
Avoid information overload
There is just too much of raw data & info out there. Subscribe and get a precise answers in time
Solution to the problem
Our consultants help you in resolving your problem
Huge savings
Enterprise edition starting at US$390 / subscription for 3 queries pack