Why upgrade to CCM ?
Why CIOs having ORB based systems need to upgrade/ migrate to CCM?
  Have lots of CORBA 1.x/2.x code in     mission critical applications
  ORB doesn't support component     capabilities
  Never got the component reuse benefits

  EAI tools are expensive alternative

  Need EAI retraining for staff

  Must develop solutions faster

  Management is outsourcing IT

  Mainframe legacy systems needs to be     integrated
  Need alternative to legacy replacement with     ERP/CRM behemoths
  Retain your existing investment in ORB     based systems with CCM

Adopting K2 CCM will be a step forward towards component based development and implementing SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).The needs can vary from projects and domains.You may like to make the domain functions available as CCM components or you may need high performance component platform for deployment and management of components.

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