"CCM (CORBA Component Model) is a technical improvement on EJB. CCM provides four sophisticated component types such as service, session, process & entity. In fact, it is a superset of J2EE component model."                                 >>

CCM joins together the best of .NET and J2EE component model. CCM based solutions will have growing demand from domains such as Aerospace, Defense, Telecom, Energy etc. >>

EJB* and K2 CCM interworking
Interoperability Architecture

An application can be developed by combining both EJBs and CCM components deployed in respective containers. At development time, EJB components are originally defined using Java and CCM components are defined using extended IDL i.e. IDL3. When applications are assembled during integration, K2 provides a set of tools and compilers to generate additional codes for bridge adapters that can be deployed in the environment depending on direction of inter-operability. Thus, in a CCM environment client will expect to use both CCM and EJB model as CCM components, in a EJB environment client is expect is use both kinds as enterprise beans. These scenarios are illustrated below!
Interoperability between EJB and CCM environments

A CCM client may use EJB component through CCM view of EJB component. Similarly, EJB component can access CCM component through an EJB view of CCM component.

For application developers in an EJB environment, CCM components specified in IDL are mapped to Java interfaces for use by EJB clients, and at runtime client calls on EJB methods are translated by a bridge into CCM methods. In effect, the CCM components are EJBs.

You can assume a scenario, in which there exists a service component implemented in CCM, (deployed in a K2 Component Server) and an EJB Component (deployed in a J2EE Application Server) wishes to use this CCM service component instead of writing a new EJB component.

Note: For more details refer to the whitepaper on EJB - K2 CCM Interworking

* This interworking can be achieved with various J2EE App Servers such as Web Sphere,WebLogic, Borland Enterprise Server, JBoss etc.

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