"CCM (CORBA Component Model) is a technical improvement on EJB. CCM provides four sophisticated component types such as service, session, process & entity. In fact, it is a superset of J2EE component model."                                 >>

CCM joins together the best of .NET and J2EE component model. CCM based solutions will have growing demand from domains such as Aerospace, Defense, Telecom, Energy etc. >>

.NET & K2 CCM integration
Case study - Multi-channel Banking

A case study has been developed for multi-channel Banking using .NET & K2 CCM using Borland Janeva. If you are interested in the white paper and the case study, write to

The following figure represents the architecture of the interoperability between Microsoft .Net and K2 CCM using Borland® Janeva Framework.

.NET clients for K2 CCM*

In the above figure, a .Net based application interacts with the K2 Component Server using the Janeva Runtime. The Janeva Runtime is compliant to Microsoft Common Language Specification (CLS). Using the runtime, the .NET based applications communicate to the CCM server over Internet Inter - ORB Protocol (IIOP). Janeva is capable of converting method calls to equivalent IIOP calls with proper mapping.

You can use a compiler provided with Borland Janeva viz. idl2cs. This compiler is used to generate C# stubs for CORBA IDLs.

Once the C# stubs are generated, the .Net application is compiled using the stubs. Once compiled, the .Net application is ready to make remote calls onto the K2 infrastructure.

Summary of steps

Thus, the steps involved in interoperability of .Net application and CCM components are as follows:

1. Build the CCM components based application. Deploy the CCM based application     into a K2 CCM container.
2. Compile the OMG IDLs using Borland Janeva compilers to generate stubs in C#.
3. Compile the .Net application using the stubs generated.

Once the above steps are accomplished, the .Net application can interoperate with the CCM components using the Borland Janeva runtime.

About Borland® Janeva

The Borland® Janeva Framework provides a platform interoperability that addresses the challenges faced in interoperability more holistically. It uses proven, standards - based and matured technology, to provide direct, high performance interoperability solutions between Microsoft .Net based applications with J2EE, CORBA and CCM infrastructures.

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