Cost of upgrade
Our team can help you in reducing the transition costs and risks

iCMG and K2 CCM will be help you in addressing your concerns

The migration strategy to CCM with K2 Component Server will help in improving the overall software quality and ensure longevity. K2 provides an upgrade path from CORBA 2.x middleware and will help to retain existing investments in CORBA. iCMG with K2 CCM can help its partners in:

Cutting/stabilizing costs
      - Cost savings for system lifecycle up to 30-40%

Aligning IT investments with business directions
      - Systems are “Build –to-order”, software manufacturing is based on assembly of         parts to provide customized products & solutions
Building strong IT service delivery
      - Combination of onsite and off-shore services
      - Supports your India offshore-initiatives
      - Partner companies with K2 CCM based solution development capability (new         development in CCM or upgrade from OO middleware to component         middleware)
Enterprise Architecture
      - Consulting services for adopting component architecture, reuse strategy using         business component factory, integration based on SOA.
Planning: prioritizing IT investments
      - Implement your SOA strategy with K2 CCM

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