"CCM (CORBA Component Model) is a technical improvement on EJB. CCM provides four sophisticated component types such as service, session, process & entity. In fact, it is a superset of J2EE component model."                                 >>

CCM joins together the best of .NET and J2EE component model. CCM based solutions will have growing demand from domains such as Aerospace, Defense, Telecom, Energy etc. >>

CCM vs EJB vs .NET
Overview - OMG CCM Architecture
Component architecture framework for creating distributed n-tier application using JAVA and C++ consisting of
      - CCM server
      - CCM containers that run on CCM server
      - CCM Components that run in these containers
      - CCM Component clients and service like Transactions, Security, Persistence,         Notification
Two types of CCM component
      - Basic component &
      - Extended component: Ports and Assembly
Four categories of CCM component
      - Service Component (Stateless): Meant for client and business logic
      - Session Component (State full): Meant for client sessions and business logic
      - Entity Component : Provide an abstract view of an entity (data model)
              - Self Manage Persistence and Container Managed Persistence
      - Process Component : Meant to model a business process
              - Self Manage Persistence and Container Managed Persistence
Deployment facilities for component as well as assembly
Interoperability with EJB
Component Metadata & Metamodel:Interface Repository and MOF extensions

Note: The highligted text in color red denotes those CCM features which are not available in EJB
Component Programming Model
Supports components in multi-language such as (C++, Java)
4 sophisticated choices of component types (service, session, process & entity)
Components support new concept called ports for communication
Support for both synchronous and asynchronous communication within single component definition
Component supports segmented persistence
Application by assembly (and not by programming) using ports
Deployment of assembly using collocation mechanism

Note: CCM supports distributed deployment of components in multiple component servers (CCM servers) unlike J2EE where EJBs are deployed in single host server

Component Programming Model
System construction visible at runtime
Application by assembly and not by programming
Unified component programming model for development & integration
Maintenance of system by substitution of parts
Domain models available from OMG (such as Telecom, Manufacturing, Finance)

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