About K2 CCM

K2 Component Server is the first industrial strength application server based on OMG's CCM.

K2 provides unified platform for component based development and "integration". Now, the enterprises can integrate their systems by "componentizing" the application around K2 CCM. With K2, enterprises can use component assembly instead of "integration" i.e. EAI by componentizing the enterprise architecture. CCM supports concept called "ports" which are useful for assembly purposes. This makes out of the box integration possible with K2 Assembly Tool i.e. no coding is required for making inter-connections between components (written in different languages such as Java, C++ even COBOL) for developing applications supporting both synchronous and asynchronous communications.

This is unlike Java centric - J2EE Application Server and Microsoft centric .NET Platform. K2 Component Server is a new category application server based on CCM supporting software components in multiple languages and multiple platforms.

K2 supports complete process of component based development i.e. designing, developing, packaging, assembly, deployment and execution of distributed components.

Unlike ORBs (Object Request Broker), K2 has CCM capabilities and technology advantages to support for component-based development, component composability, component reuse savings, and component isolation for architecture integrity.

K2 is independent of ORB and could be used with the leading ORBs.

The enterprise-wide use of K2 will also help in realizing the ideas such as "Business Component Factory" and "Component Repository". Moreover, it will enhance the architecture capability for the systems. K2 CCM based applications will enable "Assembly" and "Reuse" that will be the key to productivity enhancement, software longevity and cost reductions.                                                                                                                                  more...

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