K2 Component Server is a server-side infrastructure for development, assembly, deployment and management of CORBA Components. It is based on OMG's CORBA Component model (CCM) that includes a Component Model, Container Model, Packaging and Deployment.

It comes with a set of infrastructure services including Dynamic Clustering, Fault Tolerance, Configurable Algorithms for Load Balancing, Trader Service and Persistence State Service(PSS) .

K2 Component Server also supports interworking with EJB along with development and deployment capability of Web Services (UDDI,WSDL,SOAP). For more details see K2 Web Services Platform.

  Key Features
  K2 Component Server v1.5 supports

Support for Basic and Extended Components (CCM)
Service, Session, Entity and Process Containers
Container integrated with Trader and Notification Service
Managed Object Agents
Logger Services
Container Managed Persistence(CMP)
Component Assembly
Component Deployment
Component Management
EJB-CCM interworking
Fault Tolerance and fail-over features
Load Balancing
Server Clustering

Tools available
  K2 Component Server : Architecture
  * K2 implementation is independent of ORB, it can be used with any freeware/commercial ORB.
ORB support
The current download is avaliable with ACE / TAO (ORB).
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