2. Clustering


· K2 clustering architecture is based on Reliable Multicasting Protocol (RMCP) and Dynamic   Domain Control Protocol (DDCP)
  · Enables distributed Trader
  · Supports distributed management
  · No single point failure
  · Enhances system scalability
3. Load Balancing


· Supports session level load balancing
  · Supports round robin and other load based algorithm such as Least Loaded Server(LLS),   Threshold Loaded Sever(TLS), Least Memory Consumed Host (LMCH)
  · Configurable per service type
4. Fault Tolerance


· Hardware fault tolerance : handles node failure
  · Software fault tolerance : handle server fault and automatically restarts processes
5. Trader Service


· K2 implements Trading Service IDL as defined by OMG in CORBA 2.3 specification.
  · Yellow pages for locating services
  · Handles properties and constrain matching to query service type
  · Federated over cluster
  · Provides session level load balancing
  · Persistence trader service : enables recovery in case of system failure
6. Managed Object Agent


· Based on Distributed Management Architecture
  · Managed Objects for nodes, device, object and infrastructure modules
  · Supports Python Managed Objects (events, times etc)
  · Amenable to easy on-site customization
7. Development Tools


· OMG IDL3 compiler that translates IDL3 construction into OMG IDL 2.4
  · CIDL compiler to generate C++ component skeletons and implementations
  · EJB to IDL compiler that allows inter-working with EJB and CCM
8. Deployment Tools


· Based on OMG standard OSD (Open Software Descriptor) and XML descriptors
  · Provides remote deployment facility independent of platform
  · Automated default descriptor generation and packaging
  · Automated dependency checking
  · Persistence deployment: enables setting up and management of component repositories
  · Transactional Deployment Packages
9. Management Tools


· Allows dynamic management of all aspects of component server
  · Administer multiple cluster
  · Hierarchical Tree Model View of the System
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