Technical Benefits
  It's architecture is based on OMG MDA (Model Driven Architecture) and ensures standard CORBA 3.0 compliance
  It helps you to extend your CORBA 2.x infrastructure to CORBA 3.0 and thus leverage your existing asset
  It enables reuse by extending proprietary implementations of C++ components or legacy CORBA-based Java components to the standard OMG CORBA Component Model(CCM)
  It allows containers to span machines for load-balancing purposes and also allows dynamic clustering for enhanced scalability & high performance
  The K2 CCM container manages component instances' life cycle (creation and destruction) and resource control (activation and passivation), and provides infrastructure services including state persistence and transactionality via standardized interfaces.
  Inter-working between CCMs and EJBs, allows them to call each other through a bridge(extremely thin & efficient). This is achieved effectively due to the commonality of the EJB model with basic CORBA component model.
  CORBA 3.0 compliance enables greater software reuse for servers but also enables reliability and greater flexibility for dynamic configuration of applications
  Uses CORBA Component Model(CCM) as underlying component interoperability architecture and is not bound to a particular programming language
  Enhanced and guaranteed QoS(Quality of Service) levels to support large-scale Web OLTP traffic (scalability, availability, integrity and manageability)
  Secure and High volume transaction processing capability
  Allow non-intrusive maintenance and upgrade
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