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 Who Should Attend?
This conference is designed for enterprise professionals of every discipline including non-information disciplines as well as information disciplines who are playing one or more roles (as described below):
 CEOs, Directors, VPs, CTOs and CIOs of
   End -User companies ( such as Telecom,    Airlines, Finance, Insurance, Retail,    Manufacturing, Energy etc.), IT services    companies
  Chief Architects, Enterprise Architects
 Directors, Senior Managers involved in    Software Engineering Process Software Architects, Solution Architects,
   Technical Architects
Directors, VPs and Senior Managers
   involved in offshore business initiatives
   such as BPO, ITES
 Project Managers, Program Managers,
   R&D Managers
Senior management responsible for IT and    architecture governance IT consultant, Product Managers,
   Technical Managers
Senior Executives who want to learn how    peers at the world's leading organizations 
   are creating business advantage using    architecture strategies
Business Consultants, Heads of Business Units,    Director Marketing & Sales

The conference is designed for enterprise professionals of every discipline. Although it is addressing technology issues, it is not a "technical" conference. It addresses the subjects that both enterprise professionals and information professionals must understand to operate effectively in collaboration in the Information Age environment.

Further, the conference is appropriate for both management and operational (technical) professionals. For management it clarifies the issues for decision purposes and enables more meaningful dialog with and among the technology community. For operations, it establishes the context for developing improved approaches and implementation strategies

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