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 Key benefits
Learn how to create value for your organization by systematically
recording assets, processes, connectivity, people, timing, and
motivation, through a simple framework.

This one day conference by John Zachman is to build an understanding of the concepts of Enterprise Architecture. It will help in developing a sense of urgency for implementing those concepts in a modern enterprise and ensure that you look at your tasks and your people differently. It will greatly improve your chances for a successful implementation of enterprise information architecture. Make no mistake, such an implementation is a daunting task with opportunities to fail lurking in many places. As inventor of enterprise architecture, he has obviously encountered many implementation problems and gives some great advice on how to overcome them.

The key highlights include:

Certificate for global recognization
All the participants would receive Certificate of Participation which is signed by John Zachman.
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 What you will learn?

Understand the multi-dimensional view of business-technology alignment

A sense of urgency for aggressively pursuing Enterprise Architecture

A definition (description) of Enterprise Architecture. Learn how to clearly view an enterprise from multiple dimensions in order to cut through complexity and see the Big Picture

A "language" (ie., a Framework) for improving enterprise communications about architecture issues

How to create value for your organization by systematically recording assets, processes, connectivity, people, timing and motivation, through a simple framework

An understanding of the cultural changes implied by process evolution. How to effectively use the framework to anchor processes and procedures for delivering service and support for applications

An understanding of basic Enterprise physics

An understanding of Enterprise Engineering design principles. Best practices for approaching any project that is enterprise-wide in scope

Recommendations for the Sr. Managers to understand the political realities and organizational resistance in realizing EA vision and some excellent advices for overcoming these barriers

Number of practical examples of how to work with people who affect decisions on EA implementation
Zachman Framework Poster

Zachman Framework Poster (12"x17")


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