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27 Aug, 5.30 - 7.00 PM (CET)
Enterprise Architecture - Essentials for Decision Makers
31Aug,11:30AM-12:30PM (EDT)
Participant Companies
Juniper Networks, USA
Wamu, USA
Foxtel, Australia
Daimler Chrysler, UK
British Telcom, UK
Lockheed Martin, Australia
Citi Group, Australia
Boeing, Australia
Singapore Airlines

Feedback on Sunil

"It was great attending the Architecture workshop. It was really one of the most inter-esting and intense workshop on software architecture I have attended. Congra- tulation for achieving it and making it available to software community. This will enable to move up in the ladder of Zachman model "

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17 - 18 Aug '09
20 - 21 Aug '09
24 - 25 Aug '09
27 - 28 Aug '09
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On or before 25th July, 2009
USD 1260 per participant
USD 1540 per participant
Note: Only 25 participants per program
IT Architect Certification (Optional) Fee (Tier I)
  Re-certification (after 1st attempt)
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  •  5% discount for group of 3 participants.
  •  10% discount for group of 5 participants.
  •  Register before 25th Jul & SAVE USD 280/-
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 E-mail  Mail the filled Registration Form  Loveena.Joseph@iCMGworld.com
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Credit Card We accept all major credit cards via iCMG PayPal account.
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The following cancellation fees apply for cancellation of registrations received in writing via fax or email:
  Prior to 18 July 2009 - 10% of total registration fee will be levied to cover administration costs.
  From 18 July 2009 to 25 July 2009 - 20% of total registration fee will be levied to cover administration costs.
  From 25 July 2009 onwards - no refund of monies paid.
   Registrations are transferable within your organization (to a colleague) on request till  3 days before the event date.
  Registration fees once received are non-refundable

 iCMG reserve the right to reschedule or cancel the workshop due to unavoidable     circumstances. In case of cancellation, liability of iCMG will be limited to refund of     registration fees ( provided the payment is already realized by iCMG).

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My status
case studies
Defining ROI on architecture. (Align Business ROI with Technology ROI
Mapping of Performance Metrics
from the Technology to the Business Outcomes
How to apply Zachman & RM-ODP frameworks and how to use them in your enterprise
Applying RUP/UML Models with Zachman RM-ODP & TOGAF
Product Line Architecture, COTS selection and component assembly
Component Modeling with UML2.0
for Business domains
Use MDA for developing architecture models, model-to-model transformation and model-to-code generation.
Deployment architecture using distributed clustering, fail-over, load-balancing for large-scale business applications
The process and role of Architecture
in a SEI-CMM enterprise and strategy to introduce architecture team
Legacy transformation and defining product vision and rationalization
Enterprise SOA initiatives for mid-size
to large enterprises
Architecture assessment Architecture CoE
Architecture consulting Architecture CoE
Architecture CoE Architecture CoE
Architecture Skill Governance Architecture CoE
Architecture Team Augumentation Architecture CoE
Casestudy - Architecture
Assessment Tools
Architecture CoE
Casestudy - RUP MDA Mapping Architecture CoE
Casestudy - Strategy to Operation Mapping Architecture CoE