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Feedback on Sunil

"It was great attending the Architecture workshop. It was really one of the most inter-esting and intense workshop on software architecture I have attended. Congra- tulation for achieving it and making it available to software community. This will enable to move up in the ladder of Zachman model "

Architecting Enterprise Software
Experts' Profile
Sunil Dutt Jha
Chief Architect & CEO, iCMG
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Sunil is chief architect & CEO of  iCMG. He is an architecture strategist who is influencing enterprise decisions for realizing systems worth $10 mn to $50 mn. As an architecture coach/mentor, have taught enterprise & software architecture classes to over 5,000 professionals (cumulative) throughout South America to South Asia.

He had chance to interact & work on some real complext IT systems including Air Traffic Control System, Water Leakage Management System (City/country), Shipping & Surveillance systems etc. He is instrumental in adoption of Component Architecture, Assembly and Reuse among Fortune 500 companies based on enterprise frameworks (such as Zachman etc .)and OMG standards such as UML 2.0, CCM & MDA. His system design skills include understanding of RM-ODP for distributed, multi-language based component systems. He is expert in Integrated Product Development (IPD) process based on SEI-CMM practices.

At iCMG, his technical leadership and guidance has resulted in the development of K2 Component Server which is the world's first industrial strength Application Server based on CORBA3.0 Component Model (CCM is superset of EJB) which supports component/ container model for C++ and supports interworking with leading middleware including .NET & J2EE.

Currently, he is involved in guiding iCMG clients in developing architecture and design of mission critical applications (Aerospace, Energy & Power, Telecom, Trading).

In addition, he has also conducted architecture assessment for large scale enterprise systems (e.g. Multi-channel Trading Platform, e-Banking Architecture) and tools development (Workflow, Business Process Automation, Assembly).

He is a technology strategist helping organization to adopt architecture-centric, component based IT asset as the key to cost savings and productivity enhancement.

He is an Aerospace Engineer from IIT Kharagpur.

Process of Learning
"Learning is an endless journey" says Sunil.

Sunil with John Zachman (Inventor of Enterprise Architecture)
Sunil with Dr.Thomas Mowbray (Chief Architect - District of Columbia)
Sunil with Clive Finkelstein (Father of Information Engineering)
Sunil with
Mark McGregor
(BPM Guru)
Training and Presentations
An international speaker and has conducted several (70+) special sessions for senior technical managers on software components, architecture and IT assessment across the globe including Panama, UK, Singapore, Australia, France, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Srilanka, Thailand.

He was also an invited speaker at Lockheed Martin (USA) - Mission Critical Enterprise Systems Symposium.

If your are traveling, you may like to attend the program in other countries as well:

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Architecture World
Architecture World
IASA Architecture Symposium
2007, Malaysia
case studies
Defining ROI on architecture. (Align Business ROI with Technology ROI
Mapping of Performance Metrics
from the Technology to the Business Outcomes
How to apply Zachman & RM-ODP frameworks and how to use them in your enterprise
Applying RUP/UML Models with Zachman RM-ODP & TOGAF
Product Line Architecture, COTS selection and component assembly
Component Modeling with UML2.0
for Business domains
Use MDA for developing architecture models, model-to-model transformation and model-to-code generation.
Deployment architecture using distributed clustering, fail-over, load-balancing for large-scale business applications
The process and role of Architecture
in a SEI-CMM enterprise and strategy to introduce architecture team
Legacy transformation and defining product vision and rationalization
Enterprise SOA initiatives for mid-size
to large enterprises
Architecture assessment Architecture CoE
Architecture consulting Architecture CoE
Architecture CoE Architecture CoE
Architecture Skill Governance Architecture CoE
Architecture Team Augumentation Architecture CoE
Casestudy - Architecture
Assessment Tools
Architecture CoE
Casestudy - RUP MDA Mapping Architecture CoE
Casestudy - Strategy to Operation Mapping Architecture CoE