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27 Aug, 5.30 - 7.00 PM (CET)
Enterprise Architecture - Essentials for Decision Makers
31Aug,11:30AM-12:30PM (EDT)
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Juniper Networks, USA
Wamu, USA
Foxtel, Australia
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Lockheed Martin, Australia
Citi Group, Australia
Boeing, Australia
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Feedback on Sunil

"It was great attending the Architecture workshop. It was really one of the most inter-esting and intense workshop on software architecture I have attended. Congra- tulation for achieving it and making it available to software community. This will enable to move up in the ladder of Zachman model "

 Idea behind the workshop:

This two day seminar/workshop provides excellent opportunity to co-relate the problem domain of other industries with IT industry which can really help to manage risk & innovation during turbulent time. Of course, it will also help you to clear many doubts about IT Architecture.

As IT Architecture is getting recognized as a critical element for realizing practical vision of the IT system for Fortune 2000 companies. With the rapid pace of change today, the need for transformation from today's inflexible business environment to an agile enterprise that can change direction rapidly has never been greater. Yet the structures, processes and systems that we have today are inflexible: they are incapable of rapid change. Methods and technologies for Rapid Delivery of e-Government and e-Business Strategies are needed that support rapid business change - with systems that also change in lock-step. This is both a business problem and a computer problem. It needs strategic direction from management,with these directions then translated into rapid delivery action by business experts working with IT experts.

The primary driver for architecture in many companies:


This two days workshop is focused on enterprise software architecture as a specialty. The key focus areas include understanding of multiple architecture frameworks, component based product line, model driven architecture (MDA) and service-oriented architecture (SOA) which are key for the companies to reducing IT costs, ensuring system longevity and enhancing productivity.

For details on the day-wise course content:

The demand for Enterprise Architecture and system development is rising in cost effective markets. The roles of Enterprise Architect, Solution Architect are pure technical career paths, which lead to top rewards and professional recognition.

Our workshop is about sharing unique lessons learned upon professional experience. We have discovered significant commonalities in practical software architecture knowledge, which can be useful across most software applications. Together, the joint knowledge of innovative software architects represents the next generation of practice for leading technologists in the software discipline.

If you are traveling, you may like to attend the program in other countries as well:

Join us for 2 day of eclectic itemization of architectural concerns (both theory and practice), compositional strategies and tactics, reference models, specifications, process, modeling, frameworks and even tips about how to behave as an architect.

This program can teach you architecture skills that will surprise you and your friends. Better, you will have fun and have valuable practical TOOLS inside your head. Yes, even you can learn to do seemingly complex architecture blueprint in your head.

If you want to understand the Complexity and Contradiction in IT Architecture and struggling to manage non-adaptive and dysfunctional systems, you don't want to miss this.

case studies
Defining ROI on architecture. (Align Business ROI with Technology ROI
Mapping of Performance Metrics
from the Technology to the Business Outcomes
How to apply Zachman & RM-ODP frameworks and how to use them in your enterprise
Applying RUP/UML Models with Zachman RM-ODP & TOGAF
Product Line Architecture, COTS selection and component assembly
Component Modeling with UML2.0
for Business domains
Use MDA for developing architecture models, model-to-model transformation and model-to-code generation.
Deployment architecture using distributed clustering, fail-over, load-balancing for large-scale business applications
The process and role of Architecture
in a SEI-CMM enterprise and strategy to introduce architecture team
Legacy transformation and defining product vision and rationalization
Enterprise SOA initiatives for mid-size
to large enterprises
Architecture assessment Architecture CoE
Architecture consulting Architecture CoE
Architecture CoE Architecture CoE
Architecture Skill Governance Architecture CoE
Architecture Team Augumentation Architecture CoE
Casestudy - Architecture
Assessment Tools
Architecture CoE
Casestudy - RUP MDA Mapping Architecture CoE
Casestudy - Strategy to Operation Mapping Architecture CoE