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Feedback on Sunil

"It was great attending the Architecture workshop. It was really one of the most inter-esting and intense workshop on software architecture I have attended. Congra- tulation for achieving it and making it available to software community. This will enable to move up in the ladder of Zachman model "

Architecting Enterprise Software
Feedback on Sunil
Harshal Hayatnagarkar
Scientist @ TCS
"Dear Sunil, It was a pleasure to attend your two-day workshop on Enterprise Architecture. It is an immense challenge to introduce a subject of this much breadth and depth in just two days. The practical case studies and discussions became explicable for theoretical contents. I think that the coverage and approach have become truly useful in practice which, I think, matters the most".
Krishnakumar P
IT Consultant @ ITC Infotech
"Mr. Sunil was a facilitator in Enterprise Architecture workshop during my two days training in Bangalore. He is a dedicated person towards his profession and subject. He covered key areas of the subject (enterprise architecture) with appropriate examples and exercises. His way of presentations (switching from speeches to slides to white board to video), communication skills and language are excellent. Query handling was really good. I recommend Mr. Sunil for my organization and others also for his future programs."
Carl Hensley
Solution Architect @ Ericsson
"I recently attended an architectural course that was delivered by Sunil. The course was very through, and explored many of the architectural methodologies used within IT. Sunils comprehensive academic knowledge on the subject made it a stimulating, but with his further "real" hands on experience made it entertaining and well founded. Thankyou I enjoyed the course."
Satya Pandravada
Senior Architect @ Infor
"I attended a 2 day workshop on Architecting Enterprise Software conducted by iCMG and that is where I got to interact with him. He comes across as being practical and creative at the same time. His grasp of the fundamentals of Software Architectural theory and the practical implementation in everyday business scenarios is admirable. Additionally, he comes across as a very successful presenter, keeping the audience involved and interactive. I wish him all the best."
Ramesh Babu
Solution Architect
"I attended a workshop conducted by Sunil on 'Architecting Enterprise Software'. Sunil imparted his wealth of knowledge with dynamism and passion. He provided many useful insights into the real business value of doing Architecture for the Enterprise. He is an accomplished coach and an expert in this area and has a wealth of ideas. He demystifies the prevalent BOK on Enterprise Architecture and puts the relations between these concepts in fine context. He does this with amazing ease only possible because he is truly ahead of the BOK. I learnt a lot from Sunil in the two days I spent on the workshop and therefore highly recommend it to all aspiring Architects."
Jonathan Gostelow
Senior Programmer @ iiNet Ltd.
"Sunil executed an Enterprise Architecture workshop for myself and 3 of my colleagues from iiNet. Sunil was extremely passionate about the topic and he introduced us to some very thought provoking ideas. He was able to address all of our questions quickly and thoroughly. I would highly recommend his workshop to anyone seeking to understand the processes involved in developing an enterprise wide architecture."
Avid Browne
Manager IT Strategy & Architecture @ Energy Australia
"I was at a recent event run by Sunil and was impressed with his knowledge and real world experience of applying Architecture methodologies and concepts. He is engaging in his delivery and able to communicate complicated concepts succinctly. I recommend Sunil highly."
Abhijit Rajwade
Group Manager @ PTC
"I have attended Sunil's 2 day Enterprise Architecture workshop and have been impressed by depth as well as breadth of his knowledge on Enterprise Architecture. He has good grasping power and has lots of hands on practical experience. I would strongly recommend engaging his Architectural services."
Paul Preiss
President and Chairman @ IASA
"Sunil is an excellent architect and leader. iCMG under Sunil's leadership provides excellent training and services in the architecture space. I would highly recommend working with Sunil both as a partner and a client."
Mirella Jaric
Lead Enterprise & Solution Architect
@ Telstra
"As an attendee to Sunil's Enterprise Architecture - September 2008 - I found the course packed with real-life examples and practical advice on the use of architecture to "drive" the business above its competition as distinct from dry theory on a given methodology. Moreover, Sunil's depth of knowledge and experience - and emply evident passion for architecture - is way above the level of any of the the architecture courses I have attended. Excellent presenter, not moment wasted! Have gained useful tips and knowledged - look forward to using it !"
Jack Nelson
Senior Architect - Retail Banking Core Systems @ ANZ Banking Group
"I am happy to have the opportunity to recommend Sunil. Sunil presented Architecting- Enterprise Software, a 2 day hand-on workshop, to myself and other ANZ architects, and various other company architects and engineers. The workshop case studies, examples, exercises, course content and the vast architectural and consulting experience that Sunil brought to the workshop brought insight and a new and favourable direction for Enterprise Architecture. I have, and still, recommend the workshop and have no hesitation in recommending Sunil."
Erik Moltzan
Enterprise and Solutions Architecture Manager @ BUPA
"Sunil trained a course that I attended on Architecting Enterprise Software in Sydney. His level of knowledge of the material and the underlying processes was excellent. I have recommended the course to others in my organisation. Sunil also made an effort to get to know the class and was more than willing to talk with any of the attendees well beyond the time required of a trainer. Very good value."
Swami Sundaresan
Vice President
"Got to know Sunil in 2001,as a budding leader and technologist at that time . Engaged him in a number of training assignments and partnered with his organization for incubation of component based development expertise. I was quite impressed with the vision he shared for the organization that he was just setting up in India. While the rest of the community was looking for staff aug projects and low end development assignments, Sunil had set his eyes clearly on the future. He was quite farsighted and assessed the need that industry would have for the next several years. Started training and coaching people on Enterprise Architecture Frameworks and contributed to build a stronger community of practice in this area. He is gifted with maturity beyond age and one will not miss his passion for technology, so palpable in his words and actions. His enthusiasm is infectious and his obsession with ethical business conduct is very refreshing. His relationships are built on trust and credibility. His strong and growing circle of influence within and outside of the professional circuit is a testimony to this fact"
Vicki Redwood
Solutions Architect @ KAZ
"Sunil presented an enterprise architecture course (IT) in 2007 and I was an attendee. Sunil's skills were to deliver excellent real-life examples and outline the impacts of architecture in all manner of organisation. There was no doubt the this was based on in-depth experience. He engaged all members of the course - about 15 people from a variety of organisations expecting a variety of outcomes. I recommend Sunil, not only in the training role, but as a consultant architect to improve the delivery of IT solutions."
Tim Eckersley
Software Architect and Team Leader @ Bureau Veritas
"A passionate advocate of Enterprise Architectures, Sunil communicates his passion in an collaborative fashion ensuring the content is well received and digested. Sunil is well spoken and very easy to talk and relate with. If you wish to quickly familiarise yourself with modern Enterprise Architecture approaches I highly recommend you spend some time with Sunil."
Tom McAdams
Solution Delivery Manager @ Transport Ticketing Authority
"Sunil was one of the primary instructors at a course I participated in concerning Enterprise Architecture. Sunil is very knowledgeable of the subject matter and presented the material not only comprehensively but with a style that was informative and understandable. My goals out of the course were exceeded and I would have to give a high level of credit to Sunil."
Chris Thoroughgood
IT Enterprise Architect @ Telstra
"Sunil ran a workshop on Enterprise Architecture which I attended. He has expert knowledge on many EA frameworks, especially Zachman, and their application to different sized organisations across all industries."
Thong Nguyen
"Sunil has an in-indepth knowledge and substantial experience that he brought into the course on "Architecting enterprise software". He has a good ability to articulate issues and explain the concepts in terms that are easy for attendees to understand. I recommend his course to IT managers and architects"
Nathan Hollis
Solution Architect
"Sunil is a knowledgeable architect who provides a good mix of academia and technical pragmatism in his seminars. I learnt a lot and would recommend for others."
Yi Su
Principal Architect @ Fujitsu Australia
"Sunil is one of the most capable and knowledgeable Architects that I have met. His course on Enterprise Architecture is impressive and comprehensive. It has great influence on my career role as an Architect. I highly appreciate Sunil's skill and recommend his work."
Ben Ponne
Executive MBA @ INSEAD
"I met Sunil when I was the Executive Director of the Global Enterprise Architecture Organisation (GEAO) and Sunil signed up as a corporate member of this organisation about four years ago. Since then Sunil has been a valuable member of GEAO. GEAO and iCMG worked together on many international workshops and conferences and I know Sunil as a very professional, experienced and well regarded speaker, coach and mentor. His insights in the IT industry and business are invaluable and I am therefore very pleased to recommend Sunil."
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