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Feedback on Steve

"Exceptional and life transforming. This training should be on every corporate agenda"
CIO Pharmaceutical, Florida

"I took BPM training back in December, and Steve Towers was the instructor. The training was simply fantastic, because Steve has that rare ability to connect with his trainees. Not only did I walk away from the training with a new perspective on Business Process Management, but I walked away with an invaluable analysis tool."
Senior Systems Analyst, Barclays Bank

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Enterprise BPM
 Steve Towers
 Founder & CEO of the Business Process Group (www.bpgroup.org)  
 SVP – EMEA,  Bennu  Group

Steve TowersSteve Towers is the founder of the Business Process Group (www.bpgroup.org) a globalbusiness club (originally formed 1992) exchanging ideas and best practice in Business Performance Management, Transformation and Process Improvement.

He leads from the front and works with many of the leading fortune 500 companies as a mentor, coach and sometimes consultant specializing in the implementation of performance improvement, process change and transformation.

An inspirational speaker and author of several books including “A Senior Executives guide to BPR”, “In Search of BPM Excellence”, “Thrive! How to Succeed in the Age of the Customer” and recently “Customer Expectation Management – Success without Exception” he is noted for his direct and pragmatic approach. Steve previously worked for Citibank where he led restructuring and business process transformation programs both in the US and Europe.

Steve advises many boards and sits on the steering panel of the influential California based BPM Forum, a group of distinguished C-Level executives heading up Global 500 companies.
As a coach and mentor he works first hand with organizations in the private and public sectors helping them successfully transform their businesses. In 2006 he received the “Lifetime Achievement Award for contribution to Business” in San Diego. Steve lives with his family in England and Texas.

You can read of Steve’s recent work at www.towersassociates.com

 Steve Towers Books
Customer Expectation Management Customer Expectation Management – Success without Exception (2006)
Steve Towers & Terry Schurter

Amazon says "Customer Expectation Management (CEM) is a business approach that identifies and shapes customer expectations, and once set by the company, those expectations are met without exception.

Seemingly simple ideas are often the most powerful, and the hardest to uncover. In the 20th century, it was Peter Drucker's Management by Objectives. In the 21st century, it's Management by Expectation. Authors Steve Towers & Terry Schurter reveal the simple, yet powerful, idea of defining your business, not in terms of the goods and services you provide, but in terms of "customer expectations."

In Search Of BPM Excellence

In Search Of BPM Excellence: Straight From The Thought Leaders (2006)
Steve Towers & Peter Fingar (with contributions from 14 other leaders)

Business process innovation is on the minds of executives these days, and for good reason. In the 1990s, companies also had a focus on business processes. They used enterprise-wide networks to tear down walls between functional departments and reengineered their companies to remain competitive. Today, the universal connectivity of the Internet makes it possible to tear down walls between companies to reinvent entire value chains. The result? We are now witnessing a grand globalization of white collar work, outsourcing, offshoring and other new forms of extreme competition. Industry and national boundaries have become a blur. All is changed, and no industry is exempt. Pioneering companies have already disrupted incumbents and come from nowhere to dominate their industries. Their secret sauce? Business process management (BPM). This book brings together some of the best minds to explore the role and value of BPM, and what it portends. In its pages you will find the essential discussions and insights, straight from the thought leaders. In Search of BPM Excellence is for those who want to sustain the success of their businesses in the midst of the current sea of change. Is your company ready for extreme competition?


Thrive!: How to Succeed in the Age of the Customer (2005)
Steve Towers & Mark McGregor

Although many in Western economies are in a state of denial, we are undergoing the greatest reorganization in the business world since the Industrial Revolution. If you somehow haven't noticed it yet, there is a loud and clear wake-up call in the air that can be heard everywhere. It's called globalization, and it's being brought to you by three billion new capitalists from China, India, and the former Soviet Union.

No matter what industry you are in, no matter how successful you are, it's time to get ready for the world as it will be --a world where your customers have new choices from a sea of suppliers from across the globe.

You can no longer be just a seller to your customers, you now must bond with your customers so fully that you and your customers become one. In this eye-opening book, Towers and McGregor guide you in how to make your customers your greatest business asset. And that's exactly what you will need to do to thrive in the age of the fully empowered customer.

Business Process Reengineering
Business Process Reengineering - A Practical Handbook for Executives (1994)
Steve Towers

A good practical guide through the minefield of BPR
Aimed at those needing a practical AND pragmatic knowledge of Business Process Management. Covering several case studies a number of lessons are developed. These are derived from the authors own experience with Citibank, Nationwide Building Society and various UK, European and US organisations. Steve is the Chairman of the BPMG (Business Process Management Group), established in 1993, a 'not for profit' business club with over 600 global members. The reader will gain a rounded understanding of the pros and cons and be able to implement effective business process improvement with immediate effect.

 Steve Tower Articles
Recently featured in:
Business Management,
Harvard Review,
EA Magazine,
Finance Today and
CXO Europe,
CXO America,
Information Age
Alstom Global
Articles are syndicated – latest selection (of over 50) at http://www.towersassociates.com/Toolkits/Articles.html
 Steve’s Firsts

….achieved a number of global firsts including:

• Invented the phrase Business Process Management (BPM) during a series of workshops and   lectures in 1993/94 (source: An Executives Guide to Business Process Reengineering)

• Established the world's first global BPM community in 1993 (http://www.bpg.org) which at its   zenith had over 20,000 members

• Created, launched and delivered the world's first BPM Training course in 1996

• Steve Towers co-created the world's first Advanced BPM Method - 8 Omega in 2004 -  www.towersassociates.com/index_8Omega.html

• Steve Towers & Peter Fingar co-authored 'In Search of BPM Excellence' (2005-6) bringing   together the leading writers and thinkers with the current understanding of BPM

• Terry Schurter & Steve Towers researched and encapsulated Advanced BPM and wrote a   book of   the findings in 2006 'Customer Expectation Management - Success without   Exception' (2006)

• The subsequent output 'Customer Expectation Management Method (CEMM)' is the means   by which several of the world's leading companies achieve their success.

• Received the 'Lifetime Achievement Award' at Gartners San Diego Conference in February 2007. www.prweb.com/releases/2007/3/prweb509554.htm

• Steve Towers is active in advancing the cause through social and business networks, and sits   as an executive advisor on several companies and organizations. He is also incubating the   BPCommunity.org ) a global network of volunteers in a 'not for profit' with the objective of   sharing and exchanging next practice around Advanced BPM approaches and methods.


Invented the phrase Business
   Process Management (BPM) in  1993

Established the world's first global
   BPM community in 1993

Co-created the world's first Advanced
   BPM Method - 8 Omega in 2004

Received the 'Lifetime Achievement
   Award' at Gartners San Diego in 2007

What you will Learn?
How to embed Business Process Management within an organization to ensure a continuous business process involvement culture.
Practical tools, explanations and assistance in the successful implementation of a BPM project.
Several case studies to illustrate various steps and aspects of the
Step by step how to conduct a process improvement and redesign project.
Complete cycle of business Process Mapping and links
Seven "rules" for effective Process Modelling
Avoiding the red herring of Process Notations
How Six Sigma is part of BPM and how BPM and SOA merge?
WHAT, WHY and HOW about true process improvement.
Architecture assessment