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Enterprise Architecture '10
About Zachman
About Zachman
CXO dinner
CXO dinner
Idea behind the Conference
John ZachmanDid you hear Sir Isaac Newton in your lifetime? No problem, Einstein? Missed listening to Peter Drucker? Guess! what you would have asked if you would have met Newton? Can you tell us what the application of your formula? Experience the practical case studies & discussions to manage today's business scenariosThere are good chances that he won't have dreamt about application of his formulas, what was coming such as aircraft, satellites, mobile phones, etc. in 1600 century?
iCMG IT Architecture Firm
Introducing the living legend- John Zachman, the inventor of “Enterprise Architecture” discipline. The emerging discipline, which is revolutionizing the way we think “enterprise”. And as he quips “up until now, Enterprises have simply happened... somehow”. It would take another hundred years to have ENTERPRISES which are well architect.
iCMG IT Architecture Firm
Applications of Enterprise Architecture
Embarking on a Large scale transformation initiative? Understand the actions & activities minus buzzwords.
Mergers & Acquisitions imperatives beyond just balance sheet consideration?
Planning to flood the market with your new service offerings? And not sure about the bottleneck?
Drawing the competitive analysis for the new market? It takes 6 months or 6 weeks?
Not sure if your IT road-map is in sync with business strategies? Your IT investment is a seven-eight digit investment figures which gave you single digit benefit?
Tired of the pile of documentation which doesn't result in effective decision making?
90% of organizational strategies fail to get implemented & operational? How to translate strategies to implementation effectively?

iCMG IT Architecture Firm
Why does “ Zachman Framework™” is the basis for Architecture?
As John observes few (if any) Enterprises have been Architected. There is no Architecture. Enterprise parts have been manufactured... but the Enterprise parts are not fitting together.
iCMG IT Architecture Firm
"If you get really honest and search all of history, seven thousand years of known history of humankind, to find how humanity has learned to cope with two things, complexity and change ... there is one game in town, ARCHITECTURE.
iCMG IT Architecture Firm
How do you think they build hundred story buildings, or Boeing 747's, or IBM supercomputers... or even simple things like a one-bedroom house or a Piper Cub or the PC on your desk? Somebody had to write it down... at excruciating levels of detail... ARCHITECTURE. Now, if you want to change any of those things (with minimum time, disruption and cost), how do you change them? You go to what you wrote down... ARCHITECTURE.
iCMG IT Architecture Firm
This is what is killing Enterprise Architecture...  iCMG IT Architecture Firm
Post Query Enterprise Architecture

Problem Solution
If you agree with Jim Collins - “Greatness is not a business idea, greatness is not a function of circumstance, greatness is a matter of conscious choice and discipline”. You could use enterprise architecture to define those conscious choices and discipline.
If you believed that Peter Drucker was right when he said “Taking action without thinking is the cause of every failure”. Enterprise Architecture could help you to identify 36 primitive cells and of course hundreds of composites for effective decision making.
Do you have desire to make your organization as a great organization, last longer and stand among humankind's noblest inventions? You will find “Enterprise Architecture” is so fundamental.

iCMG IT Architecture Firm
The key to complexity and change is ARCHITECTURE. And you won’t be surprised as you start your architecture journey why does “ Zachman Framework™” is the basis for Architecture.
iCMG IT Architecture Firm
The objective of this one day Conference by John Zachman is to build an understanding of the concepts of Enterprise Architecture and develop a sense of urgency for implementing those concepts in a modern enterprise. It will greatly improve your chances for a successful implementation of enterprise information architecture.
iCMG IT Architecture Firm
Very often, CXOs find themselves in the middle of chaos wherein the enterprise spending more than $100 million per year to develop and maintain information technology systems which are not able to support changing business requirements.
iCMG IT Architecture Firm
In fact, there is growing need to consolidate the multiple line of business (LOB), face the complexity of rationalizing 70 or 100 plus IT systems and task of mapping their relevance to the enterprise profitability.
iCMG IT Architecture Firm
Make no mistake, such an implementation is a daunting task with opportunities to fail lurking in many places. As inventor of enterprise architecture, he has obviously encountered many implementation problems and gives some great advice on how to overcome.
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What you will learn?

iCMG IT Architecture Firm
Considerations for embarking on a large scale transformation initiative
Factors to consider in Mergers & Acquisitions beyond just balance sheet
Identify the bottlenecks if you plan to flood the market with your new service offerings
How to reduce time needed to draw the competitive analysis for the new market?
Why Enterprise Architecture is a CEO engagement, and not just IT?
Why & how to rationalize your IT investment to provide double digit benefit?
Identify business offerings, processes, IT systems, people behavior that is inconsistent with the strategic goals
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Framework in Global 2000
"The framework has been applied in
Global 2000 organizations* such as
Swisscom Mobile
Bank of America
Health  Canada
Allstate Insurance
Federal Express
Johnson & Johnson
Glaxo SmithKline
* based on public domain information
Architecture for Enterprise
and Information Systems
Architecture for Enterprise and Information System

We know how does architecture looks
like in Construction, Engineering and Manufacturing industries which
has evolved over 100s of years.
What about architecture for Software, Systems & Enterprise ?