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“John Zachman presents a very compelling argument, that is, every organisation needs an Enterprise Architecture to survive.”

“An excellent and inspiring seminar – we will return to work and start mmediately.I can recommend this seminar with enthusiasm.”

“An excellent course. All CEOs and CIOs should attend.”

Win prizes:

Define "Enterprise Architecture" in not more than 70 words
and send your entry to

The entries which are selected will get a free license of AES for one month.

100 licences of AES up for grab

About AES

Architecture Education Server(AES) is an integrated framework for learning software archiecture. The AES consists of content server, collaboration server and a learning management system.

Note: The cost of single user AES licence is US$ 999
Key benefits of learning with AES

Listen to the video sessions directly from Dr. Thomas Mowbray (Author of 5 books on distributed computing & software architecture) and Mr. Sunil Dutt Jha

64 hours of architecture learning (spread across 27 days)

18 hours of video based learning (streaming audio & video), 7 GB of multi-media content

24 Module Tests (including Surprise Tests)
27 Assignments for self assessment
Online mentoring via discussion forum

Work on case study and develop 5 Reference Models (Business, Service, Performance, Data & Technical) during the course

Learn on-job, for a fraction of cost

(Direkte Unterstuetzung)
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What you will learn?
Framework to consolidate the multiple line of business (LOB) for enterprise profitability
Effectively define to manage and align an organization's business processes, IT, people and strategy
How to relate Business Models, Systems Models and Technology Models
Learn about 30 primitive models for describing Architecture for Enterprise
Guidance to optimize, and rationalize your current business technology and systems environments,
How does BPM, SOA & MDA fits in the enterprise scope and can be used for realizing change & complexity management
Define structure for Architecture Governance
Learn framework for change management & complexity management
Effectively define Information Systems Architecture to prevent "business disintegration"

Architecture for Enterprise and Information Systems


We know how does architecture looks
like in Construction, Engineering and Manufacturing industries which
has evolved over 100s of years.

What about architecture for Software, Systems & Enterprise ?


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