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Feedback on Zachman

“John Zachman presents a very compelling argument, that is, every organisation needs an Enterprise Architecture to survive.”

“An excellent and inspiring seminar – we will return to work and start mmediately.I can recommend this seminar with enthusiasm.”

“An excellent course. All CEOs and CIOs should attend.”

 Who Should Attend?
This conference is designed for enterprise professionals of every discipline including non-information disciplines as well as information disciplines who are playing one or more roles (as described below):

 CXOs (CEOs, Directors, VPs, CTOs, Chief Architects & CIOs )

 Consultants (IT Consultants, Product Managers, Technical Managers etc...)

 Managers (Project Managers, Program Managers, R&D Managers etc...)

 Architects ( Solution Architects, Technical Architects, , Enterprise Architects etc...)

The conference is designed for enterprise professionals of every discipline. Although it is addressing technology issues, it is not a "technical" conference. It addresses the subjects that both enterprise professionals and information professionals must understand to operate effectively in collaboration in the Information Age environment.

Further, the conference is appropriate for both management and operational (technical) professionals. For management it clarifies the issues for decision purposes and enables more meaningful dialog with and among the technology community. For operations, it establishes the context for developing improved approaches and implementation strategies


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Framework in Global 2000

"The framework has been applied in Global 2000 organizations* such as
Swisscom Mobile
Bank of America
Health  Canada
Allstate Insurance
Federal Express
Johnson & Johnson
NCR Corp
Glaxo SmithKline
General Motors
Canadian Imperial bank
of Commerce
* based on public domain information

What you will learn?
Framework to consolidate the    multiple line of business (LOB)
   for enterprise profitability
 Manage and align organization's    strategy, business processes, IT,    people
 How to relate Business Models,    Systems Models and Technology    Models
 Learn about 30 primitive models
   for describing Architecture for    Enterprise
 How does BPM, SOA & MDA fits
    in the enterprise scope
 Define structure for Architecture    Governance
 Learn framework for change &    complexity management
 Effectively define Architecture to    prevent "business disintegration"

Architecture for Enterprise and Information Systems


We know how does architecture looks
like in Construction, Engineering and Manufacturing industries which
has evolved over 100s of years.

What about architecture for Software, Systems & Enterprise ?


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