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 Key benefits
This one-day program by Clive Finkelstein will focus on how to do the everyday hard stuff of good architecture and good solid software services. This will help the participants to learn how to deliver priority processes into production as automatically generated systems using XML, Web Services, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Business Process Management (BPM). It cuts through vendor hype and shows you what it really takes to get SOA to work. Remember! SOA is still emerging, and we need to prepare for the challenges that must be addressed in next 3-5 years time.
 What you will learn?
Top 10 key SOA aspects that you will learn :

Learn structure of an SOA, its essential and optional elements in a very compact format


Web services technologies & specifications, including explanations of how they interrelate and how they are positioned within SOA


Key pragmatic design principles to solve the problems of data and process integrity in an SOA environment


Modeling the workflow and effective business process management


How does SOA impact the current software development process and skills issues that we will face


How application design and integration practices change as architects seek to implement the "agile" enterprise. Also, how SOA streamlines portal development and EAI


How to combine SOA & EA (Enterprise Architecture) frameworks and methodologies to bring in business agility along with technological infrastructure flexibility.


How a successful SOA implementation tackle issues such as asset consolidation, reusability, governance, analysis and design, service integration, and business and IT alignment


How to recognize critical success factors to implementing Enterprise SOAs

Learn to keep the balance between delivery of immediate business value while creating long-term strategic capability
Certificate for global recognization
All the participants would receive Certificate of Participation which is signed by Clive Finkelstein.
Win prizes:

Define "Service Oriented Architecture" in not more than 70 words & send your entry to and win prize.


Bring your query !
You can bring your query related to SOA/EA/MDA. The entries which are selected will be answered during Q&A session and also win prize.

Note: This is exclusive for the organizations who have nominated 7 or more participants for the conference.
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