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Feedback on Steve

"Exceptional and life transforming. This training should be on every corporate agenda"
CIO Pharmaceutical, Florida
"I took BPM training back in December, and Steve Towers was the instructor. The training was simply fantastic, because Steve has that rare ability to connect with his trainees. Not only did I walk away from the training with a new perspective on Business Process Management, but I walked away with an invaluable analysis tool."
Senior Systems Analyst, Barclays Bank

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iCMG IT Architecture Firm
  Course Overview  
One of the most challenging issues in BPM is not the question of "If" it is the question of "How." This one-day program by Steve Towers will focus on how to do design and implement efficient and effective business processes.

Learn from the lessons from decades of real experience with real (and successful) BPM initiatives for taking BPM from promise to practice. This will be great primer for beginners and will provide new insight & fresh ideas for people with experience in BPM. You will never think about business in the same way again.
iCMG IT Architecture Firm

For all cities conference is scheduled to start at 8:30 am till 5:30 pm.
iCMG IT Architecture Firm
Course Outline
One day workshop / seminar
Apply process diagnostics to any existing process or service.
Understand and identify moments of truth, breakpoints and business rules.
Determine the magnitude of the points of failure performance factor and causes of work performance factor of the process.
Calculate the points of failure causes of work performance factors then graph it on the maturity scales.
Identify actions that can be taken to improve the process.
Identify actions that will significantly reduce the process points of failure and causes of work of the process.
Identify actions that can be completed in less than 90 days (often much less).
Analyze the benefits versus cost (resource/time/degree of change) for each action
Clearly identify “low hanging fruit” – actions that require minimal investment versus return
Apply process diagnostics to a customer focused (SCO) process.
Determine the points of failure performance and causes of work performance process factors.
Conduct the risk assessment on the business and customer including.
Identify actions that can be taken to improve the process.
iCMG IT Architecture Firm
What you will learn?
Exploit process management for triple crown* benefits with sustained high performance
Develop performance metrics for end-to-end processes
Link processes to enterprise business goal
Coach and align people for performance and process management
Realign people systems for a process environment
Achieve the tactical and strategic payoffs of process
*triple crown = enhancing customer service, reducing costs and enhancing revenue concurrently
iCMG IT Architecture Firm
What you receive?
One Day of intensive instructor-led WORKSHOP & SEMINAR by world recognized Coach
Certification as a Certified Process Professional (CPP) Levels 1
Certification is Testing and Competency-Based : Insuring you have the SKILLS to DELIVER PROCESS IMPROVEMENT
Simply the most ADVANCED TECHNIQUE for process improvement; typically producing
Extraordinary improvement results on processes in LESS THAN 90 DAYS
All materials provided electronically on completion of the workshop
GLOBAL BEST PRACTICE This hands-on workshop/seminar distills the remarkable patterns of those organizations that outperform the competition... time and time again. Learn what companies like Virgin, Zara, Fedex, Citigroup, Disney, Southwest, Apple and Best Buy already know.

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What you will Learn?
How to embed Business Process Management within an organization to ensure a continuous business process involvement culture.
Practical tools, explanations and assistance in the successful implementation of a BPM project.
Several case studies to illustrate various steps and aspects of the
Step by step how to conduct a process improvement and redesign project.
Complete cycle of business Process Mapping and links
Seven "rules" for effective Process Modelling
Avoiding the red herring of Process Notations
How Six Sigma is part of BPM and how BPM and SOA merge
WHAT, WHY and HOW about true process improvement.
Architecture assessment