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Architecture World, Pune
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As India is gearing to become the base for the product development firms and new technology companies, This conference will provide an opportunity to the designers, architects, managers, CIOs and CTOs to share knowledge of innovative IT architecture which represents the next generation of practice. Come along with your team members...

 Benefits to CXOs  Benefits to Managers  Benefits to Architects  Benefits to Designers
CXOs (CTOs, Directors, VPs, CIOs & CEOs)
Architects ( Chief Architects, Solution Architects, Technical Architects, Enterprise Architects etc...)
Analysts (Business Analyst, Software Analyst, System Analysts etc...)
Managers (Project Manager, Program Managers, R&D Managers, Project Leader, Development Managers, IT Managers, Technical Managers, Product Managers etc...)
Consultants (Lead Consultant, IT Consultants, Business Intelligence Consultants etc...)
Specialists ( Systems Specialist, Technical Specialist, Lead Developer etc...)
Senior Design Engineers, Software Developers, Software Testers, Software Engineers
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               Co - Host :
IT Architecture Firm
IT Architecture Firm
KPIT Cummins


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