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Architecture World, Pune
Key Benefits
Benefits to CXOs
Benefits to Managers
Benefits to Architects
Benefits to Designers

How to create value   for your organization   - Reduce Technology   Cost

 Understand use of   Architecture for   improving enterprise   communications

 Better understanding   of Architecture   Engineering design   principles.

 Key pragmatic   design principles to   solve the problems   of data and process   integrity in an   SOA/MDA   environment

 Understand the multi-   dimensional view of   business technology   alignment

 Understanding of the   cultural changes   implied by process   evolution

 Best practices for   approaching any project   that is enterprise-wide   in scope

 Modeling the   workflow and   effective business   process   management

 How to effectively   define Information   Systems Architecture   to prevent "business   disintegration "

 Effectively use the   Architecture to   anchor processes   and procedures for   delivering service   and support   for   applications

 How to relate Business   Models & Systems   Models and their   transformation into   Technology Models

 How a successful   Architecture   implementation   tackle issues such   as asset   consolidation,   reusability and   governance

 How to clearly view   an enterprise from   multiple dimensions   in order to cut through   complexity

 Understand the   political realities and   organizational   resistance

 How to define design   models and   assumptions to a set   of unique   representations.

 How application   design and   integration   practices change   as architects seek   to implement the   "agile" enterprise.

 Number of practical   examples of how to   work with people   who affect decisions   on architecture   implementation

 How to use   Architecture   as a   guidance to   optimize,   and rationalize   your   current technology   and systems   environments,

 How to recognize   critical success   factors for   implementing   SOAs

   Architecture Styles   such as SOA &   MDA and how it can   be used for realizing   change &   complexity   management  How to define structure   for architecture   governance  
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