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Architecture World '10
 Sponsorship opportunity — Architecture World Summit
iCMG is pleased to offer its partners the chance to support the Architecture World Summit and gain high visibility within this marketplace. Don't miss your marketing opportunity at this event!
Branding opportunity at Architecture Awards NightYou will benefit from the extensive exposure to a qualified audience. Itís once in a year opportunity to showcase your position as a market leader. This is your chance to meet one-to-one with decision makers and speak about todayís business & architecture trends and practices.
This compelling, world-class conference is the premier industry showcase and features the brightest, most well-respected thought leaders and practitioners in the area of Enterprise Architecture, BPM, ITSM, Business Intelligence & Cloud Computing space, providing an exciting complement to your products and services.
Our proven and exclusive high-performance sponsorship packages will enable you to forge valuable relationships with 100% qualified paid delegates and effectively impact your best enterprise IT sales prospects in three ways: on-site, in-print and on-line.
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Architecture World 2009 »
What you will Learn?
How to create value for your organization - Reduce Technology Cost
Understand use of Architecture for improving enterprise communications
Better understanding of Architecture Engineering design principles.
Key pragmatic design principles to solve the problems of data and process integrity in an SOA/MDA environment
Understand the multidimensional view of business technology alignment
Understanding of the cultural changes implied by process evolution
Best practices for approaching any project that is enterprise-wide in scope
Modeling the workflow and effective business process management
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