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Architecture World, Bangalore      
Day 1, 18th June 2008
08.00 08:45 Event Registration
08:45 09:00 Lighting of lamp
09:00 09:20   Welcome & Inaugural address
09:20 10:20  Session: 1 Keynote: Architecture Adoption for Enterprise Survival, Business Innovation & Risk Avoidance (Quarter on Quarter)
                 Sunil Dutt Jha, Chief Architect & CEO - iCMG
10:20 11:20  Session: 2 Keynote:Actionable Architecture Winning in a Flat World
               Sidharth Malik Managing Director, Telelogic India & SAARC
 Session: 3 Break & Exhibition
 Session: 3 Keynote: How to Survive in the Jungle of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks: Creating or Choosing an Enterprise Architecture Framework
                 Jaap Schekkerman, EA Thought Leader
12:40 01:30  Keynote
 Session: 3
Keynote: Applying innovation to the software development lifecycle.
                  Vishwa Kiran, VP, Accenture
Break & Exhibition
TRACK 1 (Main Hall) :
Enterprise Architecture
TRACK 2 (Hall A) :
Legacy Transformation &
TRACK 3 (Hall C) :
Business Innovation & Management with Architecture
TRACK 4 (Hall B) :
Product Line Architecture
02:30 03:30  Session: 5  The Trend of Enterprise
   Architecture in India

Tapan Acharya,
Practice Lead, Telelogic
 Grid Computing - the new
   paradigm in High performance

Director Grid Computing, Yahoo
 Customer Centric Collaborative    Architecture in Banks

Suvanjay Kumar Sharma,
Chief Architect, Yes Bank
 Managing Global Product Line

Arathi Anawalikar
& Prashant Lalchandani,
Solution Architect, Capgemini
03:30 03:50 Break & Exhibition
03:50 04:50  Session: 6  The Economic Benefits of    Enterprise  Architecture: How to    Quantify and Manage The    Economic   Value of Enterprise    Architecture

Jaap Schekkerman,
EA Thought Leader
Enterprise 2.0 Architecture Revolution

Rajesh Ramachandran,
Director, Oracle Fusion Middleware R&D, Server Technologies Group
 Telecom Operator Service

Chandrasekaran Vasudevan,
Chief Architect, Ericsson
04:50 05:50  Session: 7 A long journey to master data management

Olivier Brousseau, Chief Information Architect, Schlumberger
 Information as a Service

Raghuveeran S
Senior Manager, Accenture

 The impact of "Consumers" on    Technology Architecture

Alagu Balaraman,
VP & Process Architect,
Britannia Industries Ltd

 Customer Retention Framework

Devi Prasad,
Consultant Telecom Solutions, TCS
Day 2, 19th June 2008
09:00 09:50  Keynote
 Session: 1
Keynote: Architecting Enterprise BPM systems for optimal Agility
                 Dr Alexander Samarin, BPM Thought Leader
09:50 10:40  Keynote
 Session: 2
Keynote: 7 Habits for an Effective Enterprise Architect
                  Manoj Shrivastava,VP Group IT, Reliance ADA Grp
10:40 11:10 Break & Exhibition 
11:10 12:00  Keynote
 Session: 3
Keynote: Architecture Principles & the Stretch of Covering the Four layers of Architecture (Business, Information, Technical, Application) 
                 Olivier Brousseau, Chief Information Architect, Schlumberger
12:00 01:00 Break & Exhibition 
TRACK 5 (HallA) :
Enterprise Architecture
TRACK 6 (Hall B) :
Software Architecture
TRACK 7 (Main Hall):
Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
TRACK 8 (Hall C) :  
Service Managament &
01:00 01:50  Session: 5 "HOW & WHY" Architecture is    shaping up the IT initivatives in    Govt sector? Lessons Learned &    way forward

Prof.K. Subramanian
Sr. Deputy Director General, NIC

 Architecture complexity- What is
   its worth?

Shirish Patwardhan,
CTO, KPIT Cummins

 Accenture SOA PoV and    Enterprise SOA Challenges

Shanthi K Ramamurthy
Lead Architect, Accenture

 Value Added Data center

Ashwani Chandhok,
Director, Enterprise Architecture, Oracle
01:50 02:40  Session: 6
Software components as Enterprise Assets

Srihari Boregowda

 The SOA Journey in Wells Fargo

Sudheendranath R Bhatt & Sam Uppaluri,
Tech Manager, Wells Fargo

 Emerging enterprises- SOA meeting SaaS

Ramesh Loganathan
MD (and Vice President- Products), Progress Software India
02:40 03:00 Break & Exhibition
03:00 03:40  Session: 7
 Raiders of the Lost Arch -    Recovering the lost jewels of    Software Architecture

John Kuriakose,
Principal Architect, Infosys
 Executable BPM Models

Dr Alexander Samarin,
BPM Thought Leader
 Enterprise SOA on Microsoft    Platform

Anirudh Srivastava, Enterprise Architect Advisor & Sandeep J. Alur, Enterprise Architect Advisor, Microsoft
  A Reusable Clustering
   Framework for IT Portfolio    Optimization

Santosh Bansal, Principal Architect & Vijay Bhandari, Lead Architect, Perot Systems
03:40 05:00  Session: 8
05:00 05:30  
QA, Prize Distribution & Vote of Thanks.

Note :
* All the keynotes and panel discussion will be in the main hall
* Seating capacity : Main Hall - 500, Hall A - 120, Hall B - 90, Hall C - 60

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