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Mark McGregor
Mark McGregor
BPM Thought
Suk-Wah Kwok ,
Aon Holdings Hong Kong
Chidambaran ,
Data Architect- Amazon
Mark McGregor
BPM Thought Leader, Gartner Group calls him "BPM Guru"

Mark McGregor Mark is recognized internationally for his contribution to business process, business modeling and enterprise architecture, speaking and working throughout the world with leading organizations in the public and private sector. In the past two years alone, he has presented to over 5,000 people in more than 20 countries. He has been described as a "Guru" by leading analysts Gartner Group, as a "Master of Mindset" by IQPC and a "Thought Leader" by the BPM Group.

Mark has worked with many of the worlds leading vendors of BPM solutions and is a well respected author and writer on the themes of business and process change. Mark is also one of the four co-developers of the 8 Omega Framework for Business Process. An innovative approach to BPM and change that enables organizations large and small to embrace BPM in a structured and inclusive way.

Mark has recently contributed to publications such as CIO Magazine, Finance Today, and previously been published in Success Now, Enterprise Middleware, Application Development Magazine, Midrange Computing and Software Developer Magazine.

He has also made contributions to two of the leading books on BPM, Peter Fingar's "The Real Time Enterprise" and Paul Harmon's "Business Process Management: A Managers Guide". As a founding columnist for BP Trends Mark leads the thinking on the effective implementation of BPM Solutions and helps organizations bridge the divide between business and information systems.

Co-authored with Steve Towers of the Business Process management Group. Mark was a major contributor to 2006's premier book on 21st Century business, by Peter Fingar. Mark was a major contributor to 2006's premier book on 21st Century business, by Peter Fingar.

Enterprise Architecture, BPM
Architecture & Project Management
In Search of BPM Excellence: Straight From The Thought Leader Mapping & Modeling for the 21st Century
Projects, Programs or Architecture - It is all about People

David M. Ray
VP, Technology Research-Fidelity Investments

David Ray has 30 years experience in technology development and deployment including the last three years at Fidelity Investments. Prior to joining Fidelity, he worked for a number of startups in the Boston area, including Thinking Machines (supercomputing), Naviant Technologies (data mining), DE Shaw, (Web-based brokerage), Dragon Systems (speech recognition) and WatchPoint Media (interactive video).

His research interests are largely aligned with his professional background and include scalable computing architectures, parallel algorithms, speech and multimedia systems, and open source software. He also has broad experience with globalized technology management, having led development teams - primarily in India - for three different companies.

As a senior member of the research team of Fidelity's Center for Applied Technology, David has led several projects of enterprise scope, including deployment of the Firefox Browser, assessments of new server technologies, and long term strategies for Fidelity's next generation of data centers. David has a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Brown University and a Master's in Computer Science from the University of California, San Diego.


Mark Raymond Murray
Vice President, Architecture and Strategy-Fidelity Investments

Mark Murray is a vice president within the Architecture & Strategy Group at Fidelity Employer Services Company, a division of Fidelity Investments, the largest mutual fund company in the United States, the No. 1 provider of workplace retirement savings plans, and a leading online brokerage firm. In this position, Mr. Murray has responsibility to provide architecture governance and communications direction at an enterprise level for the business lines and operating units that comprise Employer Services.

Mr. Murray joined Fidelity in 1996 and held numerous enterprise-wide development and management positions prior to his current role. Prior to joining Fidelity, Mr. Murray held several positions with various US companies, including Perception Technology, TJX Company, and The Soma Group Inc.

Born in 1961, Mr. Murray received his bachelor of science degree in Computer Science from The University of New Hampshire in 1988.

Enterprise Architecture, BPM

Royden Akerley
Head of Architecture and Consulting, Professional Services,DHL - IT Services Europe
Chief Architect - Asia/Pacific,DHL Exel Supply Chain

Royden Akerley1. Head of Architecture - DHL Europe and Emerging Markets
2. Head of Business Consulting - DHL Europe and Emerging Markets
3. Member DHL IT Global Design Authority.
4. Chief Architect for Logistics Domains.
5. Principal reviewer of system architecture artifacts for European & EMA     region.
6. Principal Consultant for DPWN IT Commercialization and Business     Readiness

Began working in 1974 as Data Centre Operator and Systems Programmer. This evolved to programming solutions across multiple platforms by the early 1980's. He began designing applications by 1986 as a Systems Architect working worldwide on bleeding edge systems. In 1988 he became an early adopter of the CMM and ISO quality engineering approach to systems development. Since 1989 his work concentrated on the design or re-engineering of large complex applications. He has been TCD on numerous projects over US$10 million and there over US$100 million the architecture and integration for financial institutions, telecommunications firms and governments. In 2005 He joined DHL ITSC-Prague as a Principal Architect. All of his projects as TCD were successfully delivered. He is a:

Results-focused leader, with:

                       - Extensive IT expertise and
                       - A track record of surpassing expectations.

High-performance strategist, who:

                       - Aggressively faces challenges,

                       - Optimizes efficiency and

                       - Creates competitive advantage.

Respected professional, repeatedly recruited to:

                       - Build start-up IT infrastructures that bolster profitable growth,

                       - Manage Quality Development/Delivery Activities

                       - Turnaround poorly performing programs, and

                       - Architect solutions to maximize ROI.

Exceptional communicator, who:

                       - Combines solid business and technical acumen.

                       - While building consensus and

                       - Creates synergy among diverse groups.

He has:

                       - Analyzed businesses,

                       - Interfaced with C-level managers

                       - Created innovative IT strategies, and

                       - Delivered quality driven solutions.

He is an ardent adherent to the ISO and CMM standards for process standardization and improvement. He his fully conversant with the quality management precepts that make for success in today's complex enterprise systems projects. It is this dedication to precision and quality that he attribute to never having been a part of any failed projects. He is no stranger to working hands-on with the technical staff on critical assignments, but prefer to encourage the staff to achieve the best they can, and provide the technical leadership to meet objectives and milestones. He believes firmly in iterative development as a way to build on proof of concept engineering, validating design and elaborating by expanding on core functionality.

QA & Testing Architecture Issues
Enterprise Architecture - Quality and Standards (should)Drive the Serving our Customers in a SOA world” An application failure is a failure of both the BUSINESS and IT – QA, Architecture Issues and Responsibilities

Ben Ponne,
Executive Director, Global Enterprise Architecture Organisation (GEAO) and
Enterprise Architect/Consultant at EDS Headquarters, USA
Ben Ponne

Ben Ponne is an executive level Enterprise Architect/Consultant with EDS HQ where he provides Enterprise Architecture services and consultancy for EDS and EDS' clients. He is also a leader, coach, mentor and trainer for EDS' Business Transformation methodology that is used to support sustainable, value driven enterprise transformation for EDS clients.

Ben has over 25 years of international experience in leading and working with teams to establish enterprise architecture, develop strategies, and conduct business & IT transformation for many global organisations.

Before his appointment at EDS in January 2000, he served in a variety of leadership roles in the IT industry, including Enterprise Architect, Consultant, IT Manager, Software Engineer, Lecturer of Information Science, and Manager of a R&D department.

Ben holds a Master of Science degree in Navigation Technology from the University of Nottingham (Institute of Engineering Surveying and Space Geodesy (IESSG)) and he is a regular presenter at EA conferences, seminars and regional EA forums. He is also founder and executive director of the Global Enterprise Architecture Organisation (GEAO), a global not-for-profit organisation for high-end Enterprise Architecture professionals.

Architecture & Project Management
Leading the transformation: Changing the dialogue, From Strategy to Planning: Integration between Enterprise Architecture and Project Management

Suk Wah Kwok,
Chief Information Officer, Aon Holdings Hong Kong
Suk Wah Kwok

She is currently the CIO of Aon Hong Kong, which is the regional headquarters for Aon Asia - the 15-country Asian arm of Aon Corporation. Worldwide, Aon is the largest reinsurance broker and, in 2006 also went from the second largest to become the largest insurance broker in the world in terms of brokerage revenue. It operates in more than 120 countries with over 43,000 employees working in more than 500 offices. Its 2006 global revenue is ranked among the top 250 companies on the Fortune 500.

She joined Aon Hong Kong in 2001 as their first CIO, and witnessed the crucial change of IT taking on more a strategic role, rather than just an operational one. Increasingly so, CIOs are expected to become a business partner and an opportunity enabler. And the exciting expansion of Aon within Asia has truly demonstrated the importance of IT in facilitating business growth.

She graduated with a First Class Honors Degree in Computer Science from the University of Sydney. She also hold an MBA Degree majoring in Finance from the University of Technology, Sydney.

She spent the early years of her IT career in application development, specializing in Object Oriented design and development, mainly in banking, finance, and government sectors in Australia.

She then returned to Hong Kong to lead an OO development project for the New Chek Lap Kok Airport.

After the new Airport move has completed, she joined Sun Microsystems. It was also at this stage when her career changed direction to focus more on network architecture and infrastructure, which subsequently led her to other career ventures involving setting up and running commercial data centers. The experience in both application development and network infrastructure has provided her with the breadth and depth of IT knowledge and experience, which has proved very useful, given the variety of issues and challenges faced by CIOs.

Putting aside IT as her major personal hobby, she is also a member of the Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Force, and have a strong passion for various sports including skiing and motor cycling.


Aaron Tan Dani
IASA Chairman - APAC
Aaron Tan Dani

As an industry architect thought leader, he is also the Chairman of International Association of Software Architect (IASA) for the APAC Region that spans over 15 countries. He is responsible in setting up the architecture community as part of IASA Chapters in the Asia Pacific. He is also the founder of the Independent Software Architect Council of Malaysia (ISAC Malaysia).

Aaron is the Senior Architecture Advisor and was elected as an elite member of Microsoft Field Architect Council. Aaron is responsible for engaging with enterprise architects and senior technical decision makers in cultivating the important of Software Architecture Practices & Architect Profession for the IT industry. In addition, he is also a frequent public speaker in various IT Seminars & Workshop presenting various Architecture topics across Asia Pacific regions.

As an entrepreneurial leader with diversified experiences, he has more than 13 years of experience in various software development projects and roles across Asia Pacific, USA & UK. His last appointment prior to joining Microsoft in 2003, was a Regional Chief Architect with one of UK leading IT & Business Strategy Consulting based in Singapore. He holds a Master of Technology from the National University of Singapore and a Bachelor of Computer and Mathematical Sciences from the University of Western Australia.

Keynote :
IT Service Managament & Governance
How to Create Sound Business Value of Enterprise Architecture

Hemathri Balakrishnan
Asst Vice President, Chief Solutions Architect - APAC, Citigroup Wealth Advisors

>Hemathri BalakrishnanHe is currently involved in leading solution design for re-engineering most of applications acquired through acquisitions of local business on an SOA based common platform. All the applications are developed with a globalization perspective and multi channel architecture.

Before joining citigroup australia, he was working for UBS Investment bank in London, where in he was primarily involved in large scale re-engineering and integration projects on financial products likeEquities and fixed income.

More than twelve years of experience in leading strategic management process, delivery management, process architecture, and technical/application architecture, managing the office of architecture,product design and integration design solutions.

Primary technology on complete application frameworks, like ORACLEFusion middleware, Seebeyond, WebMethods, BEA-AquaLogic and TIBCO, RUP,XP, UML, OOAD, C++, Java, J2EE, EJB, XML/XSLT, Web-services, open-sourcetechnology, message oriented middleware, CORBA, Rational Rose, UNIX,Linux, Windows, ORACLE, SYBASE, .Net, n-tier Architectures and serverside applications.

Functional expertise in leading Investment Banks in the areas of MarginLending, Wealth Management, Risk Management, Equities, Fixed Income Derivatives, Treasury, FX&MM, Securities, Workflow packages and System Integration. Other experiences include verticals like Telecommunication Network Management and Travel/Cargo.

Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
QA & Testing Architecture Issues

Klaus D. Niemann
Managing Director - act consulting GmbH

Klaus D. NiemannKlaus Niemann has more than 20 years experience with the design of complex IT-architectures in the telecommunication and financial sector. He worked as system designer, software architect, consultant, project manager and enterprise architect in several positions and for a wide range of clients. Klaus holds a diploma in computer science from the Technical University of Berlin. In the 80s his main focus was on distributed systems, telecommunication and banking networks in Europe as well as in the far east. In the 90s he worked on the introduction of object orientation to large organizations and then focused on client/server architectures. He frequently gave professional training sessions, published several articles and books, and also became a frequent speaker to conferences. He founded …act! consulting in 1998 with special emphasis on enterprise architecture management.

As enterprise architect and project manager he was involved in a variety of projects mainly in the financial sector. He developed the enterprise architecture framework t-eam (toolbox for enterprise architecture management) and is hosting the architecture management day, a series of events, where architecture managers from large German IT-organizations share their experience. Klaus is a member of the OpenGroup's Architecture Forum and works with the International Committee on EA Standards (Association of Enterprise Architects).

Enterprise Architecture, BPM
IT Service Managament & Governance
 Business Architecture - Key to strategic Architecture Management Strategic and operational Architecture Management Processes: Quality Gates, Metrics and KPIs

Pasi Karjanmaa
MDA Specialist - Compuware Asia-Pacific

Pasi KarjanmaaPasi has been working with Compuware since 1997 in key technical positions. He has extensive knowledge of the J2EE technology and best practices for application development with J2EE. At Compuware, Pasi works closely with customers in the Asia Pacific region to help them optimize their investments on enterprise J2EE applications through adoption of Model Driven Development approaches with Optimal J, Compuware's advanced J2EE development environment. Pasi has previously performed key technology & product development positions at Compuware's Development & Integration Lab in the Netherlands and earlier in Compuware's offices in Finland. He has held positions with large financial services and consulting companies in Scandinavia. In all, Pasi has almost 20 years experience in the IT industry. He holds a degree in Computer Science.

Model Driven Architecture & Development
IT Service Managament &
Good application architecture determines the complexity of ensuring application longevity.
Dashboard to measure and manage the application delivery process

Pravin Gupta
Delivery Head - Architecture Practice - HSBC

Pravin GuptaPravin has around 13 years of experience in management, architecture, development, implementation and support of enterprise IT systems used by tier I and tier II banks across the globe.

In June 2006, he joined HSBC (GLT) as an Enterprise Architect after a stint at Polaris where he was Principal Architect and Vice President, responsible for functional architecture of Intellect suite of products, covering retail, corporate and private banking business. He led the initiative to migrate Intellect suite of products to SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) by providing IT direction to a team of 600 people consisting of architects, software engineers and implementation service teams.

Prior to this, while working with COSL (Citicorp Overseas Software Limited), he was responsible for re-engineering of Citibank's legacy core-banking system. In 1999, when Citibank Hungary acquired a local bank in Europe, he led the integration of customer touch points with back-end systems.

The above experience gave Pravin valuable insight and motivation to co-author a book titled 'IT Professional's Handbook on SOA'. This handbook explains the processes and guidelines that need to be followed to achieve a realistic Service Oriented Architecture. Pravin has also written various white papers on SOA and is involved in OASIS Technical Committees.

A Masters in Engineering post-graduate from Indian Institute of Science (IISC, Bangalore), Pravin has also done MBA from Narsee Monjee Insitute of Management Studies. His passion for endless learning drove him to acquire a post-graduate diploma in Global Strategic Management.

Pravin is a member of IEEE Computer Society and a practicing member of WWISA (Worldwide Institute of Software Architects).

Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Chief Architect - Perot Systems

SrinivasSrinivas Varadarajan has a Master's degree in computer science and engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. He has over 17 years of experience in the IT industry. He has expertise in a wide range of technologies ranging from operating systems, databases, networking to middleware and web services.

His current focus is on Enterprise IT Architecture, performance engineering and software engineering methodologies (specifically Agile-based). He has architected and designed very large and complex systems for the Airline, Logistics and Financial Services Industries.

He has a patent in the design of the High Performance Protocol gateways. He is also a member of IEEE.

Model Driven Architecture & Development

Ms.Suchitra Pyarelal
Technical Director and Head of the E-Governance Standards at the
National Informatics Centre (NIC)

Suchitra PyarelalSuchitra Pyarelal is presently the Technical Director at the National Informatics Centre (NIC),Dept. of Information Technology, Govt. of India. She presented a paper on "E-Governance Standards:Indian Government's Initatives" at the recently held "Regional Conference on Open Standards" at Thailand.

During the last three years, Ms.Suchitra is focusing on various aspects of E-governance Standards and is currently involved in the Interoperability Framework for E-Governance Applications.

Enterprise Architecture, BPM

Sunil Dutt Jha
Chief Architect and C E O - iCMG

Sunil Dutt JhaSunil is practicing architect and CEO of iCMG and has been working closely with Dr. Thomas Mowbray (Chairman iCMG and author of 5 books in the area of distributed computing, component programming & software architecture) for development of K2 Component Server which is industry’s first industrial srength Application Server based on OMG’s CCM.

His system design skills include understanding of RM-ODP for distributed, multi-language based component systems. He is expert in Integrated Product Development (IPD) process based on SEI-CMM practices.

Currently, he is involved in guiding enterprises in developing architecture and design of mission critical applications (Aerospace, Energy & Power, Telecom, Trading). In addition, he has been involved in architecture assessment of large scale enterprise systems (e.g. Multi-channel Trading Platform) and tools development (Workflow, Business Process Automation, Assembly) to ensure that they meet the service & performance needs of the organisation.

He is an architecture strategist who is influencing enterprise decisions for realizing systems worth $10 mn to $50 mn. He helps organisation to adopt architecture-centric, component based IT asset as the key to cost savings and productivity enhancement. He is instrumental in adoption of Component Architecture, Assembly and Reuse among Fortune 1000 companies based on OMG standards such as UML 2.0, CCM and MDA.

An international speaker and has done architecture work across the globe from South America to South East Asia including Panama, UK, Singapore, France, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Srilanka, Thailand.

He is an Aerospace Engineer from IIT Kharagpur.


Dinesh Pai
Vice-President - IBS

Dinesh PaiDinesh Pai is Asst. Vice-President, in the Integrated Business Services (IBS) Group within Reliance Industries Limited. He is a Senior Solutions Architect specializing in Decision Support Systems for the Petroleum Business.

He is backed by 29 years of rich experience, of which the last 12 years were in Consulting & IT. He has multiple project life-cycle experiences of large projects backed with certifications in IBM's worldwide project management methodology & SAP-ASAP methodology. Further, he has specialized cross-functional strengths with a unique combination across horizontals of e-marketplace, CRM, SCM & ERP, built on a firm background of experience & consulting in sales & marketing management.

He has implemented enterprise wide systems in the area of Supply Chain Management; Network Optimization, Strategic Network Planning, Supply Distribution Planning, Collaborative Sales Planning & Monitoring, Transport scheduling & Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management, Customer value Management, Retail Distribution Management and other specialized decision support areas like developing a Pricing Decision Support System using a Complex Event Processing engine, Audit management System, Competitive Intelligence and some areas of Corporate Performance Management. His earlier experience includes; a global internet exchange for commodities.

He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering & Certifications in ERP, CRM & Project Management.

Architecture & Project Management

Hanspeter Uebelbacher
Integration architect, CREDIT SUISSE

Hanspeter UebelbacherHanspeter Uebelbacher defines enterprise wide integration standards, consults projects and works on the quality assurance of interfaces on the information bus.

In the last four years, Hanspeter Uebelbacher worked as an integration architect for CREDIT SUISSE. He is developing new integration standards, supports projects in architecture related issues, does quality assurance of the service definitions implemented on the enterprise-wide information bus. Due to his background in middleware systems, he is also involved in technical integration questions. Currently, he leads the work that is defining the new target architecture for the mainframe application landscape.

Credit Suisse is a world-leading financial services company, advising clients in all aspects of finance, around the world, around the clock.

Legacy Transformation & Modernization
Legacy Transformation - Service orientation to components
Transforming the legacy application landscape into a component-oriented architecture (Case Study)

Soumendra Mohanty
DW/BI Practice Lead, Accenture India

Soumendra MohantySoumendra Mohanty is a Senior Manager with Accenture India and leads the DW/BI practice. He joined Accenture in 2003 and is based in Mumbai, India. Soumendra leads and serves as subject-matter expert on cross-industry client implementations in the data warehousing and BI area.

Soumendra Mohanty is a well known author having published books on data warehousing and several articles in the international journals like DM Review, Business Intelligence.

Speaker: ·

1. Informatica World - 2005, 2006
2· BO User Conf - 2005
3· DataStage User Conf - 2005
4· Teradata User Conf - 2005

Significant Engagements Summary:

Large Finance Company: Data Warehousing: Oracle and Ab Initio

- Assessed, planned, and lead the several key initiatives with on-shore and off-shore components
- Assisted and Executed end-state architecture vision for the execution and operations   architectures  for the run operations team that administers the production environment for Ab Initio   from Offshore
- Managing a run team of 80 resources (62 off-shore, 18 on-shore)

Large Brokerage Firm: Oracle and DataStage

- Re-architected the existing data architecture (increased performance 10x)
- Developed capabilities which helped client to increase fraud detection and acquisition rate, and   decrease acquisition costs
- Led a delivery team of 42 resources (38 off-shore, 4 on-shore)oLarge Banking ASP Project:   Oracle  and DataStage
- Data Marts consolidation and re-architecting the EDW population architecture
- Enhanced end user reporting architecture keeping 360 insight in view
- Managing a team of size over 35 resources

Legacy Transformation & Modernization

Raghu Sowmyanarayanan
Senior Manager with Accenture India

Raghu SowmyanarayananRaghu is currently Senior Manager with Accenture and has 14+ years of IT experience and specializes in BI/DW & ERP. Prior to joining Accenture he was working with Genpact (GE India) as Asst. Vice President. At Wipro Technologies he was leading BI Practice for Energy & Utilities Verticals.

1· Raghu networked with many well known IT Professionals and formed     The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) India Chapter. Raghu is playing a role of Vice President      in TDWI India Chapter.
2· Raghu is also an Executive Member in India Chapter of International Association of Enterprise      Architects (a|EA).
3· Raghu also started India Chapter for Global Enterprise Architecture Organization (GEAO) and      playing a role as a Key Leader.

Raghu is a well known author having published several articles in the international journals like DM Review & IT

Legacy Transformation & Modernization

Chidambaran K.V.
Data Architect-Amazon India
Chidambaran K.V

Systems professional with over twenty-two years of progressively responsible experiences, with last eight years in senior leadership roles. Masters Degree in Business Administration (M.B.A). Master Level (Highest) Certification in Data Management (ICCP exams).

Practitioner faculty in the Information Science Department of University of Phoenix. International work experience in India, US and Europe. Successful track record in building models and sustainable infrastructures for evidence-based management and quantitative fact-based analysis

Legacy Transformation & Modernization

Ram Konaje
Lead Consultant-Wipro

Ram has over 13 years of IT industry experience. As a Lead Consultant, with Wipro Technologies, Ram specializes in IT Strategy and Transformation Planning, IT Asset Portfolio Management, Technology and Solution architecture services, helping clients define target architectures, transformation roadmaps, and establish standards and governance, enabling them to move from the current IT landscape to the end state.

Prior to joining Wipro Technologies, Ram served as a Technology Manager with Qwest Communications, Dublin, Ohio, responsible for technology leadership and direction for initiatives in different domains - Knowledge Management, EAI, SOA and Middleware Infrastructure Services, building frameworks and competencies and overseeing competency centers. Prior to joining Qwest, Ram was a Senior Consultant with Ampersand Corporation, Glendale, CA responsible for managing and delivering technology solutions and services to clients in the Entertainment, Manufacturing and Finance industries.

Ram has received his Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Osmania University College of Engineering, Hyderabad, and has a Master's in Business Administration from The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.

Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Tapan Acharya
Practice Lead-Telelogic

Degree in Mathematics, CDAC from ACTS Hyderabad, MBA in Information Systems. Has been worked in many domains and roles across software development life cycle. e.g. Software/ Web development, GIS implementation, Mobile Handset application development, Business Analyst. Project Manager.

One of the Leading Enterprise Architecture Consultants in the country in different domains like Manufacturing, Government, defense, BPO, Utility and Construction.

Enterprise Architecture, BPM
Model Driven Architecture & Development
Software Production with Model-Driven Architecture

Sriram Anand
Senior Manager, Technology Architecture Lead-Accenture

Sriram Anand is a Senior Manager at Accenture where he leads the technology architecture capability in India. Sriram has over 14 years of work experience in industry and research and holds a Bachelor's degree from IIT-Madras with a Ph. D. from SUNY-Buffalo, USA. Prior to joining Accenture, Sriram worked as a Principal Researcher in the Software Engineering and Technologies at Infosys Technologies, Bangalore. He has also worked in e-business consulting as well as product engineering in the US.

His current technology interests include enterprise architecture, service-oriented architecture, and legacy integration and software engineering methodologies. His career in IT has spanned various roles including component developer, technical lead, senior architect and development manager. Sriram is experienced in designing enterprise architectural strategy for leading U.S. companies in the financial services, retail and pharmaceutical domains. He has published several articles in leading journals and conferences in the engineering and IT domains. Sriram is also experienced in delivering seminars at conferences, making technical presentations and teaching advanced topics.

Enterprise Architecture, BPM

Yuvaraj Athur Raghuvir
Chief Test Architect -SAP Labs India

Yuvaraj Athur Raghuvir is Chief Test Architect leading the Architecting Test Coverage Project within the SAP NetWeaver. Yuvaraj, or Yuva, is responsible for improving the Test Coverage of NetWeaver Releases working closely with the NetWeaver Test Center and the NetWeaver Quality Group. Yuva is based in Bangalore.

Yuva has over 10 years of experience in Technology & Product development at SAP. Prior to joining the SAP NetWeaver Architecture team, Yuva was the Development Manager for the Infrastructure for SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio Organization at Bangalore. Yuva has also conceived the Code Olympics at SAP Labs India in 2002, run it for two consecutive years and been part of the organizing committe since. Yuva has six patents.

Recently, Yuva has undergone SAP Sigma Black Belt training and has completed one project in the area of Regression Defects. Technical Document Quality and Test Planning and Execution are areas currently being studied.

Yuva holds three master degrees: Mathematics and Physics from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India, and Computer Science from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Additionally, he holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights from National Law School of India University, Bangalore.

QA & Testing Architecture Issues

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