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Architecture World '07 - IT Architecture Strategies for Business Agility
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Mark McGregor
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Idea behind the Architecture World '07

iCMG Architecture World conference is focused on IT architecture as a specialty. The key focus areas include understanding of EAF(Enterprise Architecture Frameworks), Model Driven Architecture (MDA), Component based product line, Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), ITSM etc. which are key for the End-User Companies for reducing IT costs, ensuring system longevity and enhancing productivity.

As IT Architecture is getting recognized as a critical element for realizing practical vision of the IT system for Fortune 2000 companies. With the rapid pace of change today, the need for transformation from today's inflexible business environment to an agile enterprise that can change direction rapidly has never been greater. Yet the structures, processes and systems that  we have today are inflexible: they are incapable of rapid change. Methods and technologies for Rapid Delivery  of e-Government and e-Business Strategies are needed that support rapid business change - with  systems that also change in lock-step. This is both a business problem and a computer problem. It  needs strategic direction from management,with these directions then translated into rapid delivery  action by business experts working with IT experts.

The primary driver for architecture in many companies:

As India is gearing to become the base for the product development firms and new technology companies, This conference will provide an opportunity to the architects, program managers, CIOs and CTOs to share knowledge of innovative software architecture which represents the next generation of practice for leading technologists in the software discipline.

"In India only 1-2 % of software professionals are architects. Short supply of architects  is due to the traditionally service-oriented nature of the Indian software industry"- The  Economic Times, 18th Jan-2005.

More than 30 experts from leading End-user companies, consulting & services organizations as well as product companies are going to make presentations (including 7 Keynote sessions) during 2 days architecture summit. India's largest IT Architecture Summit is expected to be attended by around 500 architects.

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Key Tracks
  Legacy Transformation &   Modernization
  QA & Testing - Architecture   Issues
  Architecture & Project   Management
  IT Management & Governance
  Enterprise SOA
  Enterprise MDA (Model Driven   Architecture)
  Enterprise Architeture

Speakers Include:
  Credit Suisse
  DHL Europe
  Reliance Industries
  AON Hongkong
  act Consulting
  Perot System

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