Keynote Sessions:
Day 1 - Tuesday, May 09

Dr. Thomas Mowbray
Chief Architect-Keane Inc, Co-founder & Chairman - iCMG

Inaugural & Keynote

Title: Enterprise Systems Planning Methodology -          Beginning Large IT Systems Properly


Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a wholistic approach for transforming organizations by realizing business strategies via technology. Dr. Mowbray will provide an introduction to EA fundamentals, and present a unified conceptual framework for understanding the relationships between diverse architecture and governance approaches, such as RUP, MDA, Zachman, RM-ODP, TOGAF, and ITIL, Through in-depth Keane case-studies, Dr. Mowbray will walkthrough proven methods for target architecture definition and strategic implementation planning. Finally, Dr. Mowbray will share a vision for onshore/offshore collaborative development, including the potential for transforming global business and government.

Day 2 - Wednesday, May 10

Jon Kern

Agile MDA Evangelist, Compuware USA


Title: Pragmatic MDA - Three Keys to Software          Development Success


Software development is not really as hard as you might think. "What???" You say? Come learn from a seasoned veteran the three (yes, 3!) simple keys to apply to your development projects. Learn the details behind Separation of Concerns, Dual Architecture, and Agile Development - and how to tie them all together into Pragmatic MDA (Model-Driven Architecture) to improve your chances of delivering business value. "What??? We deliver software!" I beg your pardon, but no, you don't. Jon will share the secrets of how you can achieve success, deliver value, and put a smile on your client (and boss's) faces. You will learn about the evils of "Technical Debt" - the insidious rot/rust/barnacles that seems to mysteriously build up on poorly-architected applications to the point of bankrupting or sinking the business. Bring along any favorite war story about a failed or stressed project - and Jon will point out where the project failed to follow one of his three keys to success.
Jon will posit that, to be agile, you need to consider not only the ability to adapt software to the changing business, but also to the changing technology! Learn how architectural approaches (SOA, BPM, etc.) are handled via Jon's 3 Keys. Pragmatic MDA - done right -provides just this sort of agility!

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