What is Software Architecture?

Software architecture is a specialty, which is distinct from software engineering, programming, and project management. A Software Architect balances and resolves design forces from many perspectives, including system stakeholders and system developers. Software architects are responsible for a much wider and interesting range of issues (technical, intuitive, and human factors) than we typically associate with project management. Software architects create technical plans that coordinate the work of groups of programmers, resolving significant system-wide risks and project/technical inefficiencies. The Software Architect role is an important career path for lead programmers and other IT professionals, as an alternative to project management.

Source: "The Software Architect's Profession" by Marc T. Sewell and Laura M. Sewell

Why Software Architecture?

Whether a structure is built of bricks, steel or computer code, the process begins with an architect and client. Together they arrive at a shared vision - a plan - that the architect guides through the bidding, construction and implementation phases. The Parthenon and the Empire State Building were built according to architectural designs, but the software industry has been building information skyscrapers without architects.

Idea behind the Architecture World '06

The Software Architecture is getting recognized as a critical element for realizing practical vision of the IT system for Fortune 2000 companies.

As India is gearing to become the base for the product development firms and new technology companies, This conference will provide an opportunity to the architects, program managers, CIOs and CTOs to share knowledge of innovative software architecture which represents the next generation of practice for leading technologists in the software discipline.

"In India only 1-2 % of software professionals are archit
ects. Short supply of architects is due to the traditionally service-oriented nature of the Indian software industry"- The Economic Times, 18th Jan-2005.

The conference is focused on enterprise software architecture as a specialty, which is distinct from software engineering, programming and project management and very critical for the enterprise success. The key focus areas include understanding of EAF (Enterprise Architecture Frameworks), and Model Driven Architecture (MDA), Component based product line and Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) which are key for the End-User Companies to reducing IT costs, ensuring system longevity and enhancing productivity.

The Architecture World summit will feature keynote sessions by Dr. Thomas J. Mowbray and Jon Kern.

In addition, Architects from leading companies such as Compuware, HP, Microsoft, Realiance Industries, NSE-IT(National Stock Exchange) etc. are going to make presentation. The two-day enterprise architecture summit will feature experts in the field of Software Architecture from USA, UK, Australia, Malaysia and India.

India's largest Software Architecture Summit is organised by Compuware and iCMG which is expected to be attended by around 500 architects

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