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Feedback on Sunil

"It was great attending the Architecture workshop. It was really one of the most inter-esting and intense workshop on software architecture I have attended. Congra- tulation for achieving it and making it available to software community. This will enable to move up in the ladder of Zachman model "

Architecting Enterprise Software
Architecting Enterprise Software
Sunil Dutt Jha
Architecting Enterprise Software
Chief Architect, Architecture Thought leader,
Coach, Aerospace Engineer, Entrepreneur, Middleware developer, Astrologer, Mathematician, Learner,

Architect Corner
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Profile Overview
Architecting Enterprise Software
Sunil is practicing architect & CEO of  iCMG. He is an architecture strategist who is influencing enterprise decisions for realizing systems worth $10 mn to $50 mn. As an architecture coach/mentor, have taught enterprise & software architecture classes to over 5,000 professionals (cumulative) throughout South America to South Asia.
Architecting Enterprise Software
He had chance to interact & work on some real complexity IT systems including Air Traffic Control System, Water Leakage Management System (City/country), Shipping & Surveillance systems etc. He is instrumental in adoption of Component Architecture, Assembly and Reuse among Fortune 500 companies based on enterprise frameworks (such as Zachman etc .)and OMG standards such as UML 2.0, CCM & MDA. His system design skills include understanding of RM-ODP for distributed, multi-language based component systems. He is expert in Integrated Product Development (IPD) process based on SEI-CMM practices.
Architecting Enterprise Software
Sunil is an accomplished leader who is working with IT Directors & Decision Makers to define the architecture driven roadmap for IT investments, maintenance & realizations to "drive" the business above its competition. In this capacity, Sunil frequently designs and facilitates team meetings and workshops to help them structure and communicate complicated concepts succinctly.
Architecting Enterprise Software
Majority of his team is spent with customers wherein he is helping to define value measurements, selection of architecture frameworks or styles, translation of models or mapping strategy to implementation activities. Currently, he is involved in guiding iCMG clients in developing architecture and design of mission critical applications (Aerospace, Energy & Power, Telecom, Trading) as well as enterprise-wide restructuring and IT portfolio rationalization.
Architecting Enterprise Software
In addition, he is also involved in architecture assessment for large scale enterprise systems (e.g. Multi-channel Trading Platform, e-Banking Architecture) and tools development (Workflow, Business Process Automation, Assembly).
Architecting Enterprise Software
He is a thought leader & architecture strategist helping organization to adopt architecture-centric, component based IT asset as the key to cost savings and productivity enhancement. He is engaging in his delivery and able to communicate complicated concepts succinctly.
Architecting Enterprise Software
He is an Aerospace Engineer from IIT Kharagpur.
Architecting Enterprise Software
Recently, he has been awarded “Fellow” grade into The Open Group in recognition of his established reputation of eminence & authority in the field of Enterprise Architecture.
Architecting Enterprise Software
Architecting Enterprise Software
Connect with Sunil Dutt Jha while he is sharing some of his experience in live interactions. Join us along with your colleagues.
Architecting Enterprise Software
Tips & Traps - Architecture driven IT migration & modernization roadmap
Tips & Traps - Architecture driven IT migration & modernization roadmap
Enterprise Architecture - Essentials for Decision Makers
Enterprise Architecture - Essentials for Decision Makers
Deployment Architecture for meeting QoS
Deployment Architecture for meeting QoS
Architecture Assessment, Governance and Metrics
Architecture Assessment, Governance and Metrics
Architecting Enterprise Software
Architecting Enterprise Software
Looking for some sample presentations? available in Slideshare for viewing as well as download.
Architecting Enterprise Software
FAQ Videos
Architecting Enterprise Software
Short videos ( 1.5 - 2 mts) of Sunil views on some of the frequently asked question.
Architecting Enterprise Software
Why care about
documenting "Current

Why care about documenting Current Architecture?
7 steps - Architecture
Driven Modernization,

7 steps - Architecture Driven Modernization, iCMG
How to identify
architecture skill

How to identify architecture skill gaps?
Architects Skill &
knowledge areas

Architects Skill & knowledge areas
Architecting Enterprise Software
Architecting Enterprise Software
"I recently attended an architectural course that was delivered by Sunil. The course was very through, and explored many of the architectural methodologies used within IT. Sunil's comprehensive academic knowledge on the subject made it a stimulating, but with his further "real" hands on experience made it entertaining and well founded. Thankyou I enjoyed the course."
Carl Hensley
Solution Architect @ Ericsson

"Sunil executed an Enterprise Architecture workshop for myself and 3 of my colleagues from iiNet. Sunil was extremely passionate about the topic and he introduced us to some very thought provoking ideas. He was able to address all of our questions quickly and thoroughly. I would highly recommend his workshop to anyone seeking to understand the processes involved in developing an enterprise wide architecture."
Jonathan Gostelow
Senior Programmer @ iiNet Ltd.

"I was at a recent event run by Sunil and was impressed with his knowledge and real world experience of applying Architecture methodologies and concepts. He is engaging in his delivery and able to communicate complicated concepts succinctly. I recommend Sunil highly."
Avid Browne
Manager IT Strategy & Architecture at Energy Australia

"Sunil is an excellent architect and leader. iCMG under Sunil's leadership provides excellent training and services in the architecture space. I would highly recommend working with Sunil both as a partner and a client."
Paul Preiss
President and Chairman at IASA

Architecting Enterprise Software
Process of Learning
Architecting Enterprise Software
"Learning is an endless journey" says Sunil.
Architecting Enterprise Software
Sunil with John Zachman (Inventor of Enterprise Architecture)
Sunil with Dr.Thomas Mowbray (Chief Architect - District of Columbia)
Sunil with Clive Finkelstein (Father of Information Engineering)