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Global Enterprise Architecture Organisation
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Association of Enterprise Architects
   Module III  
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Sl.No. Title Duration
9. J2EE and CCM  
Goals of J2EE  
J2EE Elements  
J2EE Platform  
J2EE Technology  
Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)  
Component Development Process  
Details of EJB Architecture  
EJB Container  
EJB Component Types  
EJB Container Services  
EJB Deployment  
Deployment Descriptor  
CORBA Component Model (CCM)  
CORBA Interoperability  
What is CCM?  
Elements of CCM Architecture  
A General Model  
CCM Containers  
Container Architecture  
CCM Components  
Types of CCM Components  
CCM Container Services  
Persistence in Entity and Process components  
Deployment Descriptors  
CCM Production Process  
Inter-working with EJB  
CCM vs EJB Architecture  
K2 Component Server Architecture :Implementation of CCM Model  
Web Services  
What are Web Services?  
Where are Web Services Used?  
What problems do we solve?  
Web Services and the Evolving Standard  
Web Services: Stakeholders  
Web Services Technology Stack  
SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol  
SOAP: The Basic Structure  
How SOAP Works  
WSDL-Web Services Description Language  
WSDL Grammar Elements  
UDDI Structure  
How UDDI Works  
Using WSDL in a UDDI Registry  
Web Service Scenario  
Advantages of Web Services  
11. Achieving EAI with Service Oriented Architecture  
E-business Impact on Enterprise Application  
Principles of dynamic e-Business  
Towards the software Assembly line: he birth of Web SOA  
Building up to Web Service Architecture  
Web SOA Requirements  
Web SOA Inter-process Communication (IPC)  
Web SOA IPC Middleware  
SOA + Internet = Web SOA  
SOA Model  
Application Integration Scenario  
Application Integration Spaghetti  
The Integration Problem  
Organized Application Integration  
EAI Stack  
Application Integration  
Example : Straight-Through Processing (STP)  
Example : Zero Latency Enterprise  
Zero Latency Management  
When Application Servers are not enough  
Integration Issues  
Service-Oriented Architecture Enables Integration  
Extrapolation Techniques  
Wrapping Techniques  
Anatomy of Composite-Application Oriented Integration  
Web Service Provider & Consumer Requirements  
SOA Platform for future  
12. Behavioral Aspects of an Architect  
Etiquette for Software Architects  
Seven Habits of highly successful software Architects  
Architect's Walkthrough  
Heuristics to evaluate the Architect's effort  
Prerequisites for a Good Software Process  
Stages in the Design Process  
Architectural Layers  
Concurrent Design Process  
Creating New Processes  
Domain Model Requirements  
Communication Challenges  
Communication Responsibilities  
Handling Feedback  
Full time: The Central Architecture Team  
Module I Module II Module III