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  Learning Process & Schedule  
Learning process

Architecture Education Server (AES) is an integrated framework for learning software archiecture. The AES consists of content server, collaboration server and a learning management system.

AES based learning includes viewing, listening, collaboration communities and assignment for faster and better knowledge build up. You are requested to follow a specific structure when taking up the course as shown in figure:

AES provides Optimized Knowledge Sharing, an integrated approach to creation, retention, accessing, sharing and leveraging of information and knowledge. Since, AES is more engaging and rich enough, the instructor (video) led training should be done in conjunction with the other learning elements and not to be done in isolation.

The participant needs to follow a specific structure during the learning process with stipulated time spent for each chapter as indicated in figure (below):

Note: *Assignment to be followed only after completion of the each topic.
** Sample time spent for chapter one

The assignment mechanism has been carefully arrived at with the test questions for each chapter being categorized into Easy, Medium and Hard, carrying specific weightage. (20%-Easy, 40% Medium, 40% Hard). Also, the questions are framed such that it tests your level of understanding in the different areas that includes Architecture, Concepts, Programming Skills and Syntax (depending on the chapter).

To sum up, AES has unique design features, which facilitates knowledge retention of the participants as high as 70%. This has been possible by integrating iCMG learning process with collaborative community based interactive learning. AES has an in built system for evaluation of course effectiveness by the participants and for serving as a storehouse of all the clarifications provided, on individual basis.

Learning Schedule - 64 hours

We suggest that a user should spend nearly 64 hours spread over 27 days to be able to learn effectively. There are 12 architectural topics (consisting of 15 subject areas) which are grouped in to 3 modules.

Here, is a recommended time to be spent on learning each module:

Module I

Module II
Module III
Case Study