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Architecting Enterprise Software
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Preliminary Phase
This module describes the Preliminary Phase of the ADM, including the objectives, approach, inputs, steps and outputs of the phase. It also introduces the topics of Architecture Governance and Architecture Principles.
Architecture Governance
Architecture Governance covers the subject of Governance from the point of view of Enterprise Architecture, including a framework and structure for Enterprise Architecture Governance, the use of an Architecture Board, Architecture Contracts and Compliance Reviews.
Business Scenarios
The Business Scenarios session describes an approach for eliciting Business Processes or Requirements including the SMART technique and a step by step description of the approach.
Stakeholder Management
Stakeholder Management is another new technique in TOGAF 9 including: Stakeholder Identification, Stakeholder Analysis, Stakeholder Grid and Stakeholder Map.
Architecture Views and Viewpoints
This module draws on IEEE standard 1471 to describe a metamodel for Views and Viewpoints, including some standard definitions, some examples of views and viewpoints and their relationship to the TOGAF Content Framework.
Building Blocks and the ADM
Building Blocks have always been important conceptually in TOGAF and this thinking has remained in TOGAF 9. This module explains the importance of Building Blocks and shows the development of the idea through a worked example.
Architecture Implementation Support Techniques
This module covers some supporting techniques to the TOGAF ADM, including Managing Interoperability Requirements, Business Transformation Readiness, Risk Assessment and Capability Planning. These are all new techniques in TOGAF 9.
Phase A Architecture Vision
This module describes Phase A of the ADM - Architecture Vision, including the objectives, approach, inputs, steps and outputs of the phase
Phase B Business Architecture
This module describes Phase B of the ADM - Business Architecture, including the objectives, approach, inputs, steps and outputs of the phase. It also includes some sample Business Architecture artifacts.
Case Study / Mock Exam Questions
Throughout the course, at various points during each day, learning will be reinforced through the use of case study exercises and mock examination questions.
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