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iCMG's training and certification programs are available through iCMG Certified Training Partners around the world.

iCMG offers the most up-to-date, complete program of on-site and custom training for enterprise computing workgroups and IT engineers. iCMG's Training and Certification programs are available for delivery on-site in the U.S., India, and other countries throughout the world. iCMG has delivered courses on-site for leading corporates, governments and educational institutions.

iCMG recommends on-site training when a customer has to train more than 15 people in a subject where the training required is in more detail than what is available on the Online Courseware. On-site training requires a suitable training venue, iCMG recommends one workstation per student, and a maximum of 16 students. iCMG's technical staff will assist the customer's technical staff prior to arrival on-site to ensure the training venue is prepared to run all the required software.

About Custom Training:

All iCMG courses consist of modular instructional units which can be customized and recombined as required to meet the customer's individual requirements.

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