iCMG Certification Program

iCMG's Education Service Group's goal is to help all its customers get the most value and performance from middleware software, and tools whether you are an individual, a company, or a public or private organization. This is achieved through Component Academy wing.


Component Academy offers the following Certification Programs
Component Developer
Develops reusable software components, addressing detailed systems programming issues.
Skilled in application-independent design, implementation and component testing.
Component Integrator
Analyses, selects and integrated software components to realise applications. Skilled in application-dependent analysis, design, system realisation and system testing.
Software Architect
Specifies overall software requirements and system level design decisions that plan complex systems and implementation processes.
Skilled in system envisioning, business modeling, technology selection, system specification and software process facilitation.
Types of Certifications
01. FREE Java Fundamentals Certification

This is a beginners course that allows anyone to learn Java, a branded micro-certification in an entry-level skill common to all component careers.


02. Certified Advanced Java Programmer

Completes the training in Java.


03. Certified Business Systems Engineer

Requirements analysis and process reengineering - speciality in translating business requirements into functional requirements. Skilled in analysis and specification of the RM-ODP Enterprise Viewpoint.

04. Certified Information Systems Engineer

Skilled in Database architecture and the specification of the RM-ODP information viewpoint.


05. Certified Computational Systems Architect

Skilled in reusable software interface design and specification of interfaces using RM-ODP Computational Viewpoint (e.g. using IDL).


06. Certified Distributed Systems Engineer

Skilled in software/hardware design allocation, quality of service (QoS), quality of protection (QoP), and specification of RM-ODP Engineering Viewpoint.


07. Certified Technology Testing Engineer

Skilled in technology identification, evaluation, selection, validation, verification, and specification of the RM-ODP technology viewpoint, e.g. enterprise operating environments.

08. Certified Software Architect

Course requires successful certification in contributing skills (Courses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7). This course is the finishing school for architects. Ties together all of the component skills and viewpoints into an integrated practice.

09. Component Integrator

There are some overlaps (above) with courses for Certified Component Integrator, e.g. 1, 2. The component integrator needs some skills from 3, 4, 6, 7, but does not need to know how to write specifications and there are perhaps additional course needed for Scripting Language Programming (for integration) and Wrapper Design/Implementation. Plus final certified Component Integrator Course.

 10. Component Developer

Also includes course 1 and 2 as well as 5 (for component interface design and specification). Needs in-depth courses on systems programming (i.e. JVM), network programming (Internet middleware/protocols), component testing. Plus certified Component Developer Course

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